These days it not really that hard being a witness.

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  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill
    For the record, and don't all come down on me for this, I thought the OP was quite arrogant and also very disrespectful to Finkelstein.

    No argument from me on that statement!

    I will say, though, that things had already got easier being a JW between when I began "associating" with the JWs in the late 1960s and the time of my baptism in the early 1970s.

    For example, the infamous eight-day long assemblies were no more, and the requirements for being a "regular" publisher were much more relaxed. By the time I got baptised, you didn't fall into the "irregular" category if you failed to make 10 hours of service and conduct at least one bible study during the month. Also, if you failed to "place" at least 12 magazines a month, you were no longer made to do keep your rifle held above your head whilst doing ten laps of the parade ground at double-time (so to speak!). For an excellent description of what things were once like as a JW, W.C . Stevenson's The Inside Story of Jehovahs Witnesses ( published in 1968) is an informative read.

    As to the present situation, I have been out too long to be able to comment. I do notice, however, that those long-time JWs who have remained with it (some of them for 70+ years) seem to pay lip service to everything the hallowed Governing Body says, while quietly ignoring the more extreme demands of the religion. I suspect, though, that the "It's not for bastards like you" mentality is very much at work there - e.g. Brother big-shot Gilead graduate ex-missionary elder sends his son to university, but ordinary Joe-Publisher better not even think about doing the same (I have seen it happen! )

    PS: I didn't intend to sound like some disgruntled old veteran complaining that the "The new guys aren't as good as we was"!

  • EmptyInside

    I'm wondering if he belongs to a city congregation. They always seem more liberal than the country congregations.

    The family I have that is still in,are hardcore. So,this isn't my experience.

    But,if so many don't believe anymore,why bother then. We need a mass exodus now,instead of, a bunch of pretenders.

    I am speaking from personal experience,took too long to fade,and realize,I'm tired of faking it.

  • Vidiot

    As Outlaw once said, JWs were Watchtower Warriors back in the day. They're pretty soft nowadays, though.

    IMO, it's the leadership (and rhetoric) that seems to be getting weirder (and shriller).

  • LongHairGal


    Like you, I am out too long to be able to comment for sure from personal experience except for what I read on the forum and the drips and drabs revealed by JW acquaintances over the years.

    As for your humorous comment that the new guys are not as good as the old: back in the day there was a cantankerous old JW there who said the same thing.

    But, from what I have “gleaned”🙄, I would say it is somewhat easier for some JWs to fly under the radar if they are clever.

    I also know somebody who listens in to meetings on the phone while in their pajamas, so there is laxity about meeting attendance for some..

    As for what you said about an attitude of “it’s not for you, etc.” referring to education and career:.. I saw that hypocrisy when I was in and I’m an eighteen year ‘fader’. It only confirmed to me that I better look out for myself. I made sure I ignored their stupid talk and held onto my job until retirement.

  • SonoftheTrinity

    But can a young JW in America grow a full beard without catching flack?

  • sp74bb

    I find your post is a really a story showing us properly how some brothers have accomodate their live in that mess.

    How to survive being really a JW without loosening the rules?

    The publishers are achieving what GB is not arranging.

  • Diogenesister
    I believe in overlappingAnd this is very important; you never invite the blood liaison or tell any of the jw friends. And if they find out, make sure the hospital staff understands that no visitors are allowed. You can figure out a hundred ways to explain why no visitors are allowed at the moment.The hospital won't reveal anything to anyone not privileged.

    Just to say, tell anyone if they have any concerns about snooping jws ask the nursing staff to put up a big INFECTION RISK /MRSA sign on your room door and PLEASE CONSULT NURSING STAFF BEFORE ENTERING ROOM.If you explain the situation they will absolutely do this, no problem.

  • TD

    With respect, I think you've been misinformed.

    For one thing, it really isn’t as dangerous as it was during the time my parents were young when you couldn’t take any blood whatsoever---not even a tiny drop of a fraction.

    The most common blood fractions in medicine (e.g. Post-exposure vaccines, serums and other IgG based preparations) were deemed, "matters of conscience" 60+ years ago in 1958. This was reiterated in 1961, 1964 and 1965.

    Then as now, there were JW's who either did not pay attention to, or did not understand what was being said and the JW faith has always had its fair share of zealots with extreme views.

    But given the fact that the willful acceptance of blood did not become a formal offense until 1961, there has never really been a point when all fractions were forbidden. (In the sense that there were sanctions for noncompliance.)

    The scope of acceptable preparations and procedures was broadened in 1978 and again in the year 2000 to include any fraction of what the JW's refer to as, "Primary components." (i.e. Red Cells, White Cells, Plasma & Platlets.)

    I’ve have plenty of friends and their parents, who had to go to the hospital for some emergency, and the jw parents immediately tell the doctor and hospital staff that their son or daughter will take blood—as long as it’s fractions.

    What sort of emergency? The most common transfusion scenario is still catastrophic blood loss. --Exsanguination either from surgery or as the result of an auto, industrial or recreational accident.

    Red cells and whole plasma are still forbidden and there still aren't really any viable alternatives. (The additional fractions allowed in the year 2000 are used in other areas of medicine.)

    However if JW children are getting the care they need through sheer confusion, that is indeed an interesting development.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    LongHairGal, "I also know somebody who listens in to meetings on the phone while in their pajamas, so there is laxity about meeting attendance for some.."

    There was a time when I had to reluctantly phone in for meetings, I would simply connect leave the phone on the table and do my ownthing like make breakfast, have it, get ready to go for walks or get my bycycle prepped up for cycling and all. I had to pretend but I did it my way.


  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    I remember once when I had to go in for surgery. I am a very private person and reserved too . I do not tell anyone anything whether it be surgery, health issues, holidays, work problems etc. So did not tell anyone but unfortuantely the cong was having a send-off for someone and we had to let one elder know that we wont be there .He pried and we had to mention my surgery. Immediately he wanted to help with the HLC.We refused coz we would not need it, ad that we had already met with the docs, shared ou rbeliefs plus the surgery would not require anything to do with blood. He was a little suspicious that we were like cutting them off completely and did not like it at all.

    We did not lie, blood would not be an issue unless the doctor made a huge mistake,and cut a major artery ! so no point in considering this at all, it was a very minor surgery in the mouth (ha, ha,)

    My point being we cut them off. Other times I have had surgery , never told a soul. So no queries , no interference, no visits , no drama;(no blood issue anyway) We did it our way.

    Not that I fear them but that I am a private person, so people need to respect boundaries.


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