These days it not really that hard being a witness.

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  • Finkelstein

    The internal social behavioral structure are still there in place, such as dont associate too much with non-JWS, dont associate with ones who are DFed even if its your own family member., the list is long and extensive.

    All the other strident doctrines which JWS elders are watching out for are still there .

    You can try to be dismissive to those actions but why and lie ?

    It might very well come down to just how much each set of elders are wanting to express their spiritual power and righteousness to the members of their congregations.

  • asp59

    Hes not telling being JW is Good. Its abouth Common attitude among young JWs in the Western world. They are suppose to be the futur elders and ms. If organisation is still around in 10 years its gonna be a total diffrent one.

  • Finkelstein

    I think most people who reads the OP would say that this fellow is white washing things.

    Realistically how can it be easy to have a overlooking set of eyes examining how and what your doing , who you are associating with, what your reading , what cloths your wearing, what music your listening to, what movies your watching and what level of education you are pursuing.

    Not to mention what your saying about certain JWS doctrines.

    The JWS cult is oppressive and operates pervasively deep into people's personal lives, its also very corrupt, damaging and dangerous to follow these corrupt ignorant men running this organization.

  • john.prestor

    The OP: 'Older JW single girls have always been col with me and have never spilled the beans'

    Yep, totally believable you're legit Brother Fonzie.

  • eyeuse2badub

    I think that 'overlapping' has a legitimate point and some of you older guys are over reacting. He's simply saying that being a jw today in not the same a being a jw 20-30 years ago. The dubs are just not as gung-ho as yesteryear.

    I agree and since I'm pomo except for occasional meeting or 2 and the circuit assemblies no one seems to care or inquire. i have several old jw friends in the same situation. Hell we're even allowed to criticize the borg to our still-in wives without them getting upset.

    It's easier being a 21st century jw than a 20th century jw!

    just saying!

  • WillYouDFme

    This is not my experience nor of any of the people I still know in the congregations in the area.

    It is the opposite! Everyone still in is amped up more than ever.

    I say 90% of what you said is Fiction.

  • Finkelstein

    This guy must be a painter of sorts, he white washes over subjects such as the child sexaul abuse cover up problem with no real empathic concern.

    The fact is the WTS/JWS will continue to cover up these situations where there is no legal requirement to report the possible act to the local police authorities.

  • Finkelstein

    It really depends on what congregation your in, there are some with high energy elders who are gung ho righteous and there are laid back older elders and laid back regular JWS too .

  • Ex-JWs Brazil
    Ex-JWs Brazil

    Overlapping is right. Being a JW today is very very easy compared to ten years ago.

  • asp59
    A person dont even need to go to meetings anymore. Just say you listen by phone, watch meetings online or asamblys. Nothing compare to years ago.

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