These days it not really that hard being a witness.

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  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    It has always been that there are city mice and country mice in the organization. Congregations have personalities, permissive and restrictive. In one they discouraged colored shirts and in another they had no problem with alcohol at weddings. I can see that getting worse as new members adapt their old ways to their new faith. No matter what congregation you are in, if you hide who you are and what you do you may not suffer the consequences. In others all you have to do is be seen with a white pen in your mouth from a distance and end up with a JC for smoking. This happened here! So funny. Morons.

  • WingCommander

    Concerning Blood Fractions:

    1. Packed, WHOLE blood is still forbidden.

    2. Packed, PLASMA is still forbidden.

    Everything else? FRACTIONS. Have at it!

  • WingCommander

    Frankly, nearly everything the original poster wrote, (minus the cart witnessing) I myself witnessed back in the late 90's already. How do I know? Because I basically saw and lived just that!!! My parents were mostly off the JW radar by the mid-90's. I was 16, had a good job, and attended maybe 6 meetings a year by then. I wasn't baptized. No one gave a shit. I never hung out with other JW kids at school, so I could say and do whatever I wanted at that point in time. My parents were up in age, in failing health, and never dissuaded my getting an education because they knew I had to make a living. I kept my mouth shut about any girl I dated (always a non-JW), where I went, what I did, what I said. What can they do when you're not baptized, and only attend 6 meetings a year, and never hand in field service?

  • Phoebe

    It depends where you live and what congregation you are in and what your elders are like. I've also seen elders children get away with so much more than an ordinary kid in the congregation.

    I don't think it's easier now, either. I was baptised in 1967. In fact, in some respects, it seems more micro managed now than back then.

    People do lead double lives and if that's what you want to do, well okay. But what a way to live.

    For the record, and don't all come down on me for this, I thought the OP was quite arrogant and also very disrespectful to Finkelstein.

  • Finkelstein

    I will go along with the thread topic and agree its probably easier being a JWS than it was 40 50 years ago.

    Less meetings, easier ways to get those accountable hours ie. Cart Witnessing

    Hey try going to a International Assembly for 8 days straight.

    One can try and paint this corrupt publishing cult with a white brush and cover over the harm this cult has caused millions .

    The Watchtower Corporation publishing house (JWorg.) continues on with deceptive and coercive doctrines which are against bible principles, even against Jesus's instructions for preaching his Kingdom.

    More families will be broken up, more deaths, and maybe some more suicides but I think there will always be good sincere people trying to warn the public about what the WTS/JWorg. is and what harm it can cause to people who let themselves get involved with it.

  • tiki

    Interesting is a lot easier for dubs these days...relaxed rules. Nothing like the prison of the 60's through at least 80's. A person can far more easily fly under the radar from what I gather from posters here who still have connections. But isn't it simpler and more honest to detach if you don't believe free and be true to yourself? To stay in a religion whose tenets you do not believe is hypocrisy. put yourself in a position of appearing to condone things in which you do not hiding pedophiles...or decrying

  • Vanderhoven7

    I thought it was:

    1. Whole blood is forbidden.

    2. Plasma is forbidden.

    3. White Blood cells are forbidden

    4. Platelets are forbidden

    Fractions are left to Bible trained consciences

    Has there been an official change in the above?

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I agree that compared to even 5 years ago, it is easier for JW's to skirt around their supposed beliefs and there's less required of them to be considered an "active "JW. It seems that the average JW (especially the younger ones) are more flexible when it comes to upholding a lot of the hard to live by doctrines.

    Because of the allowance of Blood Fractions, even the Blood issue has been made less stringent. HIPPA laws give JW's the assurance that if they accept blood, their choice will be kept private by their doctors and hospital staff.

    My Son's girlfriend is a newly graduated RN. (nonJW) She was hired at a major hospital immediately after graduation and attended the hospitals staff training program. There was an entire section of the training devoted to JW's and how to handle them. Part of the hospital protocol is to visit the patients privately once the Liaison Committee and JW friends and family aren't present to be sure they are making their own choice regarding blood. According to her instructor, more often than not the JW's (especially young people)beg them to do whatever it will take to save their lives and make sure no other JW finds out. The Hospital is obligated to carry out their wishes confidentially.

  • sir82

    I do agree that if it is easier to "fake" being a JW and not get caught, so long as (1) you are very careful and (2) you happen to attend a congregation with liberal or lazy or uncaring elders and (3) you don't trust anyone - anyone - in whom to confide your doubts / disagreements.

    My point in my earlier post was that most people don't have all 3 conditions, and of those who do, most aren't able to thread that needle, and even if some are able to, there are certain circumstances that could easily arise that would make even that delicate tap-dance all but impossible.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It's what I have posted on here several times in the past -- (almost) no one really believes all the BS any longer. It is made evident by the way they are living their lives. (Almost) no one is "sacrificing" because The End(™) is Near. No, they are all building new homes, remodeling their homes, sending their kids to college (usually to one where they can commute), enjoying multiple vacations, investing in their 401(k) and IRAs and planning years ahead into the future. Simply said -- NO ONE BELIEVE THE WT BS ANY LONGER!

    As the OP says, it is a place to gather to meet with friends (your choice of friends is based on how far you stray off of the reservation), organize social things, etc. And sure, you have to sit through an hour or two of propaganda every week (or every-other week, or once a month). Otherwise you just have to talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk and not too many are even walking-the-walk anymore.

    My best friends who is still "active" (a PIMO) says: FAKE IT!

    My family and I decided we just can't do that. I just could not take sitting through the BS sessions! Further, I would not want some other JW to make their decision that it must be The Truth(™) based on the fact that Doc and Family are still "believers" (even though we're really just be faking it).

    To "I believe in overlapping" -- If you can do it and this is working for you.........HAVE AT IT!

    Do what is good for you! You don't have to please anyone else!

    The greatest revenge is living a happy & successful life!

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