Did man really go to the moon?

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  • cofty
    10 bucks say cofty is a former elder - Captain child

    I have been here many years and never made a secret of the fact I was an elder. I was an excellent elder. Knowledgeable, self-sacrificing, kind and compassionate.

    My many, many science threads speak for themselves. You have been here a few days made over 60 posts, behaved like an attention-seeking spoiled brat and contributed zero.

  • Fisherman

    I doubt it.

    It is a conspiracy! -to divert attention from the Kennedy assassination investigation. Aliens ( and I don't mean illegal Mexicans ) staged the moon landing fooling the USSR, China, billions of people and scientists too.

  • captaingrl
    I was an excellent elder. Knowledgeable, self-sacrificing, kind and compassionate.

    Problem: found

  • freddo

    Anyway ...

    This subject seems to have been done to death so perhaps I can welcome captaingrl to the forum.

    I note your 60 plus posts in 5 days and you tell us you love Trump and think he will be remembered as a Churchill but perhaps you can contribute to the forum by giving us a little background and perhaps some advice on how "still in" and "ex-jw's" can cope with the Watchtower Society and all its trappings?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    "...i tell you that the continents are not sized right on one vs the other, and so its overwhelming evidence that nasa doctors pictures and releases them as official satellite imagery"

    What a very interesting point you make there, MrRoboto! Do you know why the relative sizes of the continents on NASA images don't seem to match the relative sizes shown on world maps? It's not because NASA has doctored the images. Quite the contrary! The NASA images are an accurate reflection of the actual sizes! It is the maps that have been doctored!

    First of all, it is impossible to make a perfect projection of all the continents showing accurate relative sizes, on a map, while preserving continuous, uniform latitude and longitude lines. The reason is that you're transferring from a globe to a flat surface. If you attempt to make perfect relative sizes then you will have to break up the longitude lines and you get a map with huge gulfs of nothingness (imagine deflating a ball and trying to get a perfect continuous rectangle shape out of its skin). So for convenience, world maps stretch out the polar regions more to achieve a more uniform coordinate system and avoid breaks.

    Secondly, this erroneous map projection system portrayed the northern countries - typically the location of the colonial powers - as being larger and more imposing than they actually are so for political reasons those projections became favored over a more accurate projection that would render them smaller and truer to actual reality.

    In reality, Africa is larger than Russia, and Greenland isn't quite as big as it seems. NASA is showing the truth! That's precisely why their images don't match world maps. If they were really trying to cover up the truth they would have sought to make the NASA imagery match the erroneous maps!


  • kairos

    You know what's more fun?
    More satisfying, too:

    Google Images earth from space

    Tell us which ones are 'real'...

    Or don't!

  • MrRoboto

    Islandman you do realize that my comparison was one nasa satellite image vs another nasa satellite image and not maps, right? that is to say that in one image, north america takes up nearly the entire 1/2 globe and in others, its smaller than that, the scaling is off. review kairos pics from earlier in this thread, he posted some of the pics I'm talking about. these are easy to find using google and are official nasa imagery.

    you do have some interesting observations about maps though... who would have ever thought that people would try to portray themselves as being more than they are...? nothing like internet forums, thank goodness!

  • Fisherman

    Saw the moon tonight. Wow! Very big.

  • atomant

    it was a super moon.Thats why l could see kairo waving back.He time travels as well.

  • _Morpheus

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