What's the status of this org financially?

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  • Finkelstein

    I've never seen so much money grabbing and pleading coming out this organization.

    Of course the flock are kept blind to all of the core financial transactions. they are placed into a position of guilt and pressure to give more and more.

    The ending to all of this is that the WTS will just extenuate its real estate property purchasing and development.

  • LevelThePlayingField

    During our last service meeting we had two parts that talked about donations. One was a scheduled part from the Kingdom Mininstry - talk by an elder on the valuable things, but the other part I found was not scheduled at all. It took place over the other scheduled parts because the elders got a letter stating to play this video on where all of our contributions go that we (they) send in to the world wide work. How's it used and such. Then afterward one of the elders gave a summary of the video.

    So besides the announcements that lasted 2 minutes and a 5 minute part by another elder that he shorted up because of the money grab part via the letter from the branch, all the service meeting parts was basically about how JW's can support the WWW. More money grabs.

    I tell you what, people aren't stupid, well, the majority are not. 2+2 still =4 and when you keep asking for donations people will, even though they don't say a peep to each other, they still know something's not right about it all. And that's whether they are hard core or not. Cause even the hard core know that JW's don't solicit funds.

  • pepperheart
    Not good even though they are in the process of selling bethel at brooklyn off they still have to print and distribute about 52 million magazines a month and pay for 1000s of people to eat.And my friends in the uk tell me that they get all their teaching books either from america or germany.
  • pepperheart

    And some of the things that the borg have come out with have been priceless

    children give up your ice cream money

    parents dont take your children to the circus

    Elders be careful about giving out single page tracts on field service

    The GB and their helpers are big picture people if a million children give up their $1 ice cream for the borg thats $1 million.

    If all the 1000s of people on this website were to throw one teaching book in the trash that would be 1000s of books that the borg would have to replace even if that was with single page tracts that would still cost money that the borg need to keep going

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    That 1 Billion dollar amount is probably earmarked for something, obviously. With a HUGE chunk of change like that, it has to be paying for something, which the rank and file have no idea about!!!!
  • berrygerry

    Gail Vaz-Oxlade


    People have an obsession with their equity as if it’s worth anything at all. “Equity” is only a word. It only becomes “money” if you downsize from a home that’s pretty much paid off to a home that’s valued at a lot less. Otherwise, equity is just an opportunity for borrowing. Great for lenders; not so great for people who have to pay the interest on all that money they’ve borrowed. So get over feeling “rich” because you have equity. You aren’t rich until you’ve converted that equity into cash./p>

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    KAIK - Either way, WT is somewhere bleeding.

    FINKELSTEIN - I've never seen so much money grabbing and pleading coming out this organization.

    PEPPERHEART - And some of the things that the borg have come out with have been priceless [inexplicable?]

    BETH SARIM - it has to be paying for something, which the rank and file have no idea about!!!!

    I agree 100% with all of the above!!

    Are the Org's draconian cut-backs and sell-offs the result of an enforced new business structure, to appease mega-creditors who could bring down the WTBTS?

    Potential paedophile lawsuits do not justify or explain the desperation and panic to amass more cash - as BETH SARIM suggests.

  • Vidiot

    Whatever the case, when you read between the lines, they certainly seem worried...

  • eyeuse2badub

    Damn the borg is good at releasing and publishing (bragging about) "their" numbers and statistics regarding "their" growth and "their "ability to product so much literature. How about they release and publish "their" financial statements for all to see. I know that nearly every jw alive would be interested in those numbers. I even think that the borg could use that information as a sort of an international fund raiser to create a sort of 'theocratic' competition between countries. Which country will "give" the most? Then when those numbers are published we can all see how much money goes to feeding the hungry, helping the widows and orphans.

    just saying!


  • Phizzy

    Their status financially is asset rich, cash poor, at the moment.

    This is despite the huge injection of cash from sales of property around the World. That money has not plugged the gap, it seems.

    As to the cause of this, when their Scam was so well set up, minimal costs and huge income, we can but speculate.

    It is evident that someone has made a HUGE COCKUP and lost 'em lots of $$$.

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