What's the status of this org financially?

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  • megaboy

    Soooo... I think the main strength of this group is having the finances to keep this con game going. I'm hoping that the pedophilia cases are draining them dry so we can be rid of this stumbling block from an organizational stand point. How is the constant surge of bad news getting out on them effecting the everyday person in this organization? I'm not sure how one could stay in at this point. It's no better than the other churches they criticize, from where I'm standing at least.

    I had discussions with some of them and it seems that (or I get the impression that) even if they have been duped they fear they have no where to go and that there MUST be some kind of an official regulated organization. I guess to them it is far better to drink from a poison flask in a mold ridden house, than to become a vagabond, searching for locations with that pure drink.

  • Finkelstein

    I think the organization is in a state of weakness, due to its failed/faked doctrines which never appeared and wont . The overall down sizing of its operations including cutting meeting times, and perhaps some influence from the sexual abuse problems the organization has been involved in.

    Throw in the information that gets freely distributed about the JWS on line and you have many pertaining elements that appear to be taking its toll.

    Dam age of information.

  • Finkelstein

    As far as the finances for the WTS., its looking quite bright barring the sale of its most valuable properties in Brooklyn, to a tune of over a billion US. $$$

    The WTS is about to enter its most richest state in its entire history as a organization in the next year.

  • OneEyedJoe
    Personally I think the financial problems are less to do with lawsuits (though those certainly don't help) and more to do with loss of donations as people realize that there's something wrong. Not that there's tons walking up, but I'm sure that there's a lot of people that are tired of the cash grabs, unnecessary renovations, demands that TVs and projectors be installed on the publisher's dime, not to mention the prophetic failures. Lack of funds is the first sign of lack of trust by the r/f
  • cofty

    They used to be a publishing corporation. They made millions by selling vast quantities of magazines and books with low labour costs and free sales and marketing.

    Then the Jimmy Swaggart thing happened and they had to start giving their product away for free.

    Since then they have been relying on the goodwill of their members. They seriously over-estimated the the goodwill.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    "The WTS is about to enter its most richest state in its entire history...."

    Finkelstein, I would amend that statement to read, "The WTBTS has amassed the greatest amount of wealth in its history, but paradoxically, is producing the least amount of literature in its history - all things considered.

    So why is the Org in absolute convulsions, continually trying to extract more & more money from J.W.'s? (and their kids!)

  • Finkelstein

    So why is the Org in absolute convulsions, continually trying to extract more & more money from J.W.'s? (and their kids!)

    Answer = the Jig is up, meaning the WTS's own doctrines which it established itself upon have proven false and misleading bits of bible interpretations.

    The WTS grew itself upon a tainted commercialized Gospel.

    In view of that realization perhaps the WTS and its leading GB members are trying to stabilize and secure the organization's financial picture for the foreseeable future, their future.

    They are going to succeed , well for a decade or two.

  • slimboyfat

    Maybe the GB believed the value of their properties could only go up and leveraged against their value and now they're forced to sell.

    Even if not, there's a huge difference between savings and income. A lack of the latter will catch up with them sooner rather than later.

    They give every indication it already has.

  • kaik
    I talk to my family regularly, and my mom is generous donor for past 40+years. I do not control her finances, so it is her money. But both my parents and siblings think that WT money are gone as someone had drained the finances. Local WT had sufficient funds for its maintenance and other expenses, but these funds were looted out/transferred to HQ two years ago. Now, they elders are visiting people and asking for contribution. Last month one of the elder harassed my mom for contribution. She was in surgery and she was not going to KH for six week or so due complication, and she did not donate. One of the elderly woman in my mom's KH sold her house, and donated the money to WT and moved to public nursing home/elderly community home. Either way, WT is somewhere bleeding; its operations are too costly, or their financial portfolio is not doing well. One of the problem I would see that the Global Recession of 2008-2013 is finally catching out with them with shrinking donations, and higher operational costs.
  • Crazyguy
    Problem is with all their new apps new tv programs and video's their keeping their flock as delusional as never before. Its also for many of the rank and file their only social life so they just continue on. Its really sad so many people are wasting their lives away for nothing.

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