My letter to Bethel about the flood

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  • Heaven

    Cornbread, this is an excellent thread. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. BTW, I love cornbread. It is yummy.

  • bohm

    This is just great stuff! thanks for sharing.

  • C0ntr013r
    Ginko tree is millions of years old and survived the extinction of the dinosuars....guess Noah had a garden on board.

    Funny but sadly false, the oldest Ginko tree is about 1250 years old, you are probably thinking about the age of the fossils.

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  • prologos

    MC: "--that would make the air pressure down here a hundred times larger. yeah, unless it is in orbit like the rings of Saturn.

    and make that ~ 9 km not just 1.--Mt Everest had already risen 5000 years ago, but is still rising.

  • Daniel1555

    Great letter, very logical and respectful.

    I also sent a similar letter once. They answered, if there is a contradiction between science and the bible, they would believe the bible.

    Why are there many flood myths globally?

    At the end of the ice ages (around 10000 - 8000 years ago) the sea level rose dramatically. There were many local floods worldwide, as the ice melt and the sea level rose more than 100 metres.

    Very interesting is the work of scientists Pitman and Ryan, who proved, that about 8000 years ago the Bosporus broke and the mediterranian flooded into the black sea. This might have been the root of the middle eastern flood stories.

  • punkofnice

    An hilarious response from the corporation. In other words if you don't believe in this fairy tale flood, we refer you to other fairy tale characters in the book of fairy tales and hatred to prove it.

    As per, with the WBT$, it's all YOUR fault.

  • Phizzy

    Circular Argument is one of the WT/JW orgs favourite Logical Fallacies.

    It works though for millions of JW's because they have never been taught to spot it, and they have been made to dread questioning the org.

    "Jehoobers Org has answered the question, that's good enough for me" is the attitude, they just don't get it that the "answer" is no answer at all.

    And they will never get to see the Mountain of evidence against a Global Flood, and even against one in the Middle East at the time the Bible places it.

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  • Truthexplorer
    Though I am a believer in the flood. I do admire the fact that you are simply being honest in expressing your views. We need more people like you that can stand up and express ourselves freely than bottling up our thoughts because of fear of man. Your letter was very well written by the way. TE

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