My letter to Bethel about the flood

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    Introvert 2
    I like you Morph, your OK. Gave you an up ! When you get old like me you don't care what people think hahah !! It's all about looking at both sides, I'm just getting started ( as you can tell ) Peace out !
  • jukief


    Your plight is similar to what my husband experienced beginning more than 40 years ago. While in college, he tried to write an essay defending the reality of Noah's flood, but when he researched the Society's references in its various publications, he found mostly a series of arguments grossly ignorant of science, and even outright misrepresentations of the references. He eventually did much more research, including on ice cores, coming to the same conclusions you did. You can find the results of his research here:

    Don't expect an answer from the Society. They're not into admitting the truth.


  • xjwsrock


    That was too real.

    JW Elders = Blissful Ignorant Authority

    Gotta love it.

  • Cornbread

    Jukief, your husband is Alan Feurbacher? He was one of the first sources I started reading when I was waking up a decade ago.

    Tell him thanks!

  • Cornbread

    Got my answer. Well, no, I got a reply but they didn't answer my question.

    Cliffs Notes: Jesus says the flood was global, Jehovah left just enough info out of the bible so that "one who wants to find an excuse for not believing can find it," and Satan is trying to deceive you with "an avalanche of lies."

    The real hilarity is in the article they appended. It says word for word: "Religious exhortations to the effect that you should just believe and should doubt nothing are dangerous and deceptive."

    Sorry what?

    Anyway, here is the actual reply:

  • sir82

    I'm surprised that they bothered to reply, but I'm not at all surprised by the content of the letter.

    I'm about 99% certain that is a "form letter" - I'm sure they've received dozens if not hundreds of similar inquiries and now just have to slap a new address at the top of each letter, and a one paragraph summary of your letter indicating that they skimmed thru your letter and picked off the major points.

    I'm also about 99% certain that there are other, similar form letters, ready for sending in response to inquiries about evolution, blood, birthdays, etc.

    It would be interesting to get one of your friends to write a similar letter, talking about the flood but concentrating on different aspects of why it is a physical impossibility for it to have occurred at the time and scale the WTS teaches. I'd bet a significant sum that the other letter would receive the same form letter reply, the only differences being the address and the one-paragraph summary at the top.

  • EndofMysteries

    This site shares my view on the flood and has some good points on the Hebrew word for Earth. The flood would be localized to where humanity was at the time. The writing in Hebrew would not mean the entire land of all the Earth. I have been to Israel and Jordan. The Dead Sea area is the lowest dry point on Earth being 1,401 feet BELOW sea level. When I was at the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan, the guide pointed out the water marks on the mountains/large rock formations throughout the desert, showing that whole area had been under water in the past. If you look at elevation extremes by country here and sort by minimum elevation and even maximum, you'll see for minimum the countries around Israel top the list but also have high elevation areas as well surrounding. So if all of humanity was within those areas it could be flooded and wipe out humanity.

  • Cornbread
    But humanity was NOT limited to that geographical area. I'm native American and my ancestors had already colonized North America by that time.
  • Splash

    "Another sly tactic of the Devil is the sowing of doubts in the mind"

    I doubted that the 144,000 were the F&DS, doubted that hemoglobin was forbidden scripturally, doubted that the superior authorities were God and Jesus, doubted that vaccinations were wrong, doubted that Gog was Russia and that Satan sowed the mustard seed, doubted the inkhorn man was the remnant, the glorious ones were the anointed, that Paul was the replacement apostle, doubted that resurrected ones would be banned from ever marrying again, doubted that Mt 24:14 was already fulfilled, doubted that chess and zoo's were bad, or that 1935 was the cut off for being called, doubted there were only two key's to the kingdom, doubted that black people were cursed by God and that Spaniards were backwards, doubted that airbaths are good for combating colds and that sunlight kills tuberculosis, doubted that the heart has emotions, that we should only read paper versions of the bible (not online) and that Daniels image's toes had a special meaning, I doubted that lecithin was unscriptural and the time of the end began in 1799, doubted that sexual sterilization was wrong, that the separating work started in 1914 and that Satan was Apollyon, doubted that a the generation who saw 1914 would never die, doubted that Jesus was clean shaven, doubted that Britain was the king of the North, that a rape victim was guilty of fornication and bestiality was no grounds for divorce, I doubted the end would be in the 20th century, that Adam was red coloured and had no sex drive, that the harvest began in 1903 or 1919, I doubted that the anointed were sealed in 1878 or 1881 or 1910 or 1914 or 1925, and will not be raptured, and I doubted that 2014 would be the last memorial.

    All these doubts were sly tactics of the GB, not Satan, and my doubts have since been proven right.

    My last doubt is that the GB know what they are talking about and that JW's have God's blessing.

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