Care Home Exclusively for JW's "Inadequate" and "Unsafe".

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  • snugglebunny
  • clarity

    A perfect set-up for a scam ...... residents are trained for years not to complain or else there will be consequences ie shunning & disowning. Residents are trained to smile incessantly & "love" the bro & sis to prove they are in da trut!

    A background check may find that most of the education of the "workers" is in the field of house cleaning!

    In my estimation ...... a hell hole!


  • Mephis

    Worrying report from their Blackpool home. It's almost a metaphor for how the borg runs internally. Everyone's very spiritual, but basic needs are neglected and no-one sees the individual, whilst management is clueless and puts people at risk of harm. But they think it's ok because no-one complains, and expressions of discontent are viewed as behavioural abnormalities.

    They'll be forced to at least care for people safely in future in that care home.

  • OrphanCrow

    That is a damning report.

    It is evident that the JW elderly are given the same treatment as children - don't report issues to the proper authorites and ignore everything except the Bible studies and meetings. And the poor residents - saying that everything is great just because they get to pray before each meal.

    What a shit show. A total ignorance and disregard for regulatory measures by the management and staff with the only proper attention given to the residents' "spritual health" and no regards given to their physical and emotional health.

    I wonder if there had been family members who had laid complaints which prompted this inspection or if this was just a regular inspection.

    A very disturbing report.

  • macys
    I have a lot of family in Germany and they are very anti-JDub so whenever something like this comes out they send me an email or whatsapp message so what you posted must be quite common cause there is a JDub old age home in northern Germany near Travemunde run by a JDub family. Anyways my one cousin knows a JDub that works there and she said that they are making so much money it is crazy! And by law they have to accept other religions but they make it more difficult for them so they don't like to stay because then they are preached to. Says it is a kinda scammy how they do it and they do not treat them well. Then again sounds like every old age home I have ever known myself!
  • Oubliette
    What, no pandas?
  • Oubliette

    What is their connection to the WTBTS?

    The society has stated that the R&F should not start "JW Schools" but I've never heard them make a statement about these Senior Living Homes.

    I remember reading about one in the US that supposedly was a subsidiary of the WTBTS, but the connection was not well established.

    Anyone know?

  • Mephis
    They're an independent charity as far as the British side of things is concerned, no ostensible relationship to WBTS other than them being JWs and only accepting JWs. They run 4 homes in Britain. Because they're working with the elderly, they get regularly checked by local authorities and even have unscheduled visits by other groups to check they're up to at least minimum standards.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    I remember reading about one in the US that supposedly was a subsidiary of the WTBTS, but the connection was not well established.

    There's one in Allentown PA, and although a couple of witness "heavies" are on the board, it has nothing to do with the WTBTS.

  • Simon

    What I don't understand with things like this - if they are not run and controlled by the religion then how can they allow such blatant religious discrimination in who they employ?

    Isn't it the same as putting a "no JEWS, no Blacks" sign up (just with more groups on it)?

    If someone decides they no longer want to be a JW then would they be fired? And would that be OK?

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