Is Anyone Happy That Police Forces Are Being Abolished or scut??

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  • minimus

    In Minneapolis, the city council has voted to abolish the police.

    Many cities want to either disband or defund the police.

    Black Lives Matter and other groups have influenced citizens and neighborhoods to get rid of police and their authority.

    Is anyone really supportive of removing the police or cutting out law enforcement through the budget??

  • JoenB75

    Well clear evidence they want to destroy society, businesses and every day hardworking law abiding citizens. Sinners need law 1 Tim 1:8-9. The marxists frankfurthers want to tear down and build their new world on its ruins

  • RubaDub

    I don't understand this whole thing about abolishing the police. I really don't.

    If someone is breaking into your house, stealing your car or something else, do you call 911 and order a pizza?

    Or if there is a gang-fight and shots fired in the night would it be best to call a social worker and expect him/her to come with a notepad and give everyone a time out?

    Maybe it's me. I just don't get it.

  • minimus

    Maybe Black Lives Matter thanks that they will become a de facto police force. Now that would be very interesting wouldn’t it?

  • RubaDub

    Maybe Black Lives Matter thanks that they will become a de facto police force.

    Min ...

    I'm making preparations.

    If I'm driving and get pulled over for making a wrong turn or something, I'll just scream out to the police "That Mo Fo cut in front of me."

    I'm working on the various possibilities, permutations, phrases and voice intonations for various traffic patterns and offenses, especially around rush hour.

  • Magnum

    If they think police are bad, wait until there are none and individuals start enforcing on their own or in their own groups. It'll be the wild west.

    Do they even understand the big picture? Who will enforce road laws (and there have to be road laws)? Who will write reports for wrecks? Who will protect against crime?

    I just don't get how anyone could even conceive of the idea. Are they that naïve?

  • JoenB75

    No doubt if this is reality the US is facing civil war😱

  • minimus

    Rub, I can see you getting shot in the back and it being ruled a suicide.

  • RubaDub

    Min ...

    Good one. Or those three shots to the back of my head.

  • truth_b_known
    1. George Floyd is killed cruelly and callously by Minneapolis Police Officer and fellow night club security officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is video recorded with his knee in Floyd's back while Floyd is handcuffed and proned out on the street.
    2. Black Lives Matter organizes protests in Minneapolis, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City, etc.
    3. Protesters call the incident proof of systemic racism and call for the defunding of police departments.
    4. The media tells us what "defund the police" means, but fails to ask the actual protesters what the mean by it (see MPD150)
    5. US Congress decides their needs to be police reform and drafts a bill to ban "choke holds".

    Here are the facts to date:

    There has been no evidence offered that Derek Chauvin Murdered George Floyd because Chauvin is a racist. A callous person who has no business being a police officer? Yes. Racist? No evidence to date. However, the narrative pushed is that this incident was definitely about race.

    Major protests are held in the streets of urban centers that have the following in common -

    • City and County elected officials are all Democrats
    • City and County elected officials are primarily all black
    • Police Chiefs/Commissioners are appointed by Democrats and are primarily black
    • Most the States that these cities are in have governors that are also Democrats
    • Most of these cities' police departments are made up of primarily minority races

    Yet the protesters scream "Where is our Federal government is all this?" Fingers are pointed at the President and the majority Republican Senate.

    State criminal laws fall under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, often referred to as "States' Rights". The enforcement of State law is the responsibility of State and local law enforcement agencies. Laws and policies for the day-to-day operation of State and local law enforcement are set by:

    • State Legislature
    • County and City Councils

    So taking this from the top...

    A man is Murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a Minneapolis Police Officers. The City of Minneapolis and the State of Minnesota has been governed by Democrats for decades. The State of Minnesota and the City Council of Minneapolis is responsible for the hiring of police officers and setting police policy. However, this mess needs to be fixed by the Federal government.

    In addition, the media tells us that "Defund the Police" means reallocate tax funds from police departments to social services while protesters and their organizers tell us "Defund the Police means 'Abolish all enforcement of laws'."

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