Is Anyone Happy That Police Forces Are Being Abolished or scut??

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  • JoenB75


    Dont you think it is a little problematic to apply whatever goes on in the current world whenever you live to scriptural prophecies?

  • jwundubbed

    I was against defunding and disbanding police until I listened to some police officers that I respect talk about what that actually means. I thought all police would be against it but that isn't true. Now, I'm working on learning more and I'm not completely against the idea.

    Camden disbanded years ago and it seems to be working.

  • jwundubbed

    Disbanding and defunding doesn't mean 'no police'. Sometimes the ignorance on this site is impressive. Not in a good way. If you can do research to debunk the JWs, surely you can do research to learn what these things mean in reality versus just in the literal sense of the words.

  • truth_b_known

    "Defund the Police" according to protesters:

    I agree that way too much has been asked of police in the United States. I agree that public mental health services have been severely undermined by a lack of funding. I agree that income inequality certainly plays a role in all of this (see: Gini Co-efficient and Crime).

    However, there is a movement by radicals to literally tear down all institutions in the U.S. and rebuild them in their perceived Utopian dream. MPD150 is once example. They literally want no punishment for crime and no law enforcement.

    Also the Camden County Police experiment is a failure.

  • Simon

    Camden has one of the highest murder rates in the country, hardly the model to be pointing at.

    The problem is that public sector unions (police, teachers especially) are damaging to the customers, the public.

    They should go, but don't expect them to - the people behind the grievances are the same ones who are funded by those unions, so they won't be going anywhere. It'll be lots of hot-air rhetoric but no real changes.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Camden NJ is a model often pushed by the left, until they realize that not only did they not replace the police, they doubled the police force. They did abolish the police union though and now hire and promote based on merit instead of seniority.

    If by defund the police you mean doubling the police, I think you can't spell right.

    Defund the police means exactly that, defunding the police departments. Like they pushed in St. Louis, the mayor of St. Louis said it right: “Here’s one that wants $50 million to go to Cure Violence, $75 million to go to Affordable Housing, $60 million to go to Health and Human Services and have zero go to the police.” She gave several examples of proposals which all say zero to the police.

    Or in NYC: Calls to “defund the police” have resonated with the City Council, where the speaker has proposed cutting $1 billion from the department’s $6 billion budget and reducing the uniformed force. Protesters and others have demanded that cuts go further, and have put up an encampment in City Hall Park.

    So no, it's not just a small redirection, they want ALL funding to be GONE. As with everything, it's never enough for the left, you give them $1B, they want $2B, you give $2B, they'll want $6B.

    On a side note, I was at my FFL to pick up a firearm yesterday - I waited in line for 2 hours. I'm in a major Democrat area, 80-90% of people vote blue here, and yes, it wasn't just redneck Republicans. A gay black couple, a few black women, immigrants, Joe Biden t-shirts, they're all waiting 2h in line (although I was also in line with people with US flagged masks, so those were Republicans). And everywhere is sold out of everything, people are stocking up on all sorts of weapons, I can't even get ammo in stock within 300 miles.

  • silentbuddha

    I have family that lives in Camden, I lived in Newark NJ. Camden is still the most dangerous city in NJ. The reason it seems safer numerically is because many crimes are not reported.

    I would love for people saying this city is a model to pick any random block and walk down it. You will be scared shitless between the drugs, prostitutes and random gangs of people on the street.

    Do not believe everything you read

  • minimus

    People have gone mad. They are upset about everything and they hate structural balances. They want to tear down society! One great way us to get rid of law and order.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    A local horse club ( all pretty well off girls) is training to join the sheriff's mounted patrol. Training for smoke, gunfire, the whole works. What could go wrong? I worked with a man who was an auxiliary sherriff's patrol. Part of the training was firearms as he was an unpaid deputy. Contrast a fit construction worker with a petite blonde in a real life situation.

  • LongHairGal


    Interesting what you observed in the firearms place in your ‘Democratic’ area!

    It wasn’t just ‘redneck Republicans’ 🙄 on line - but assorted people who you probably pegged correctly as Democrats. So, they all must feel very unsafe in the current lawless and mindless climate - as they well should. First, it was the coronavirus that sent everybody out to stock up on firearms to protect themselves against a zombies looking for food. Now, it’s civil unrest and fewer or No police to protect them.

    Does anybody think that people are going to give up their right to keep and bear arms after all this has happened and what may still happen?? I don’t.

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