I am now 73 and the road has been filled with wonders

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  •  The Bethelite
    The Bethelite

    I would say Happy Birthday but I was brought up not to believe in that. lol

    Thank you for the walk down memory lane. You are 34 months older than me but I was picking up what you were laying down.

    It felt like you talking about the "good old days" even though you didn't come right out and say it.

    They were for sure interesting times.....with a lot of changes going on. Were they better times?

    Who knows.

    I don't think they were any better or worse than what is going on today. Just different and different can feel scary for sure. I don't know about you but I really wonder what happened to the last 70 years....were did go?

    Like you, I'm feeling my age and know time and me are heading towards that great and final mystery. Who knows we might all be surprised when that door opens.

    Anyway keep up the good work my friend. Maybe I'll see you on the flip side.....lol

  • Diogenesister

    Terry you’re one of the most imaginative and compelling writers I have the pleasure to regularly read....and kinda know.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    PS. We still listen to Delta blues, jazz & classic repertoire in my house. We have long play records and a few shellac Elvis 78s. We purchase art and my son called me “ma’am” the other day, in fact does so on the regular.

    We read literature and my sons have a better grasp of historic dates than I ever did😉 we know our neighbors but live in the city so, sadly, don’t have a porch. I also still listen to radio soaps.

    so cheer up! It’s not all bad😂

  • Terry

    Thank you all for your personal shares and comments on this thread.
    I want to ask something.
    Have you ever noticed this?
    You'll watch an old movie - one your remember was a favorite from long ago - and when you sit
    and listen and view it today - you CRINGE? Something has changed inside of YOU which makes
    viewing uncomfortable.
    This happens to me all the time.
    Nothing remains the same but the impression we are till ourselves.
    But - I believe who ever we "are" never remains constant unless - UNLESS we remain in a cult where
    nothing is permitted to individualize and an echo chamber of "I agree" bounces and reverberates constantly like a tolling bell.

    WHO ARE WE after 73 years compared with the age of eighteen or thirty?
    I personally, after four marriages and seven kids, I look back and think I recognize myself and I am constantly mistaken.
    My kid's memories of events differ from my own.

    The only constant in the universe is change. Is it better to change or be the same?
    Depends on whether you reach "perfection" early or not :)

  • waton
    I really wonder what happened to the last 70 years....were did go?

    TB: we never stop in our movement through time, therefore the now, moment has zero length, add up all the zero moments of 70 years, and you still have only o length.

    who ever we "are" never remains constant

    T: the fastest change in me is at shower time. I am snug like a bug in my work cloths, but when I have become clean; scrubbed, I cant believe these smelly rags were the paragon of comfort (even smell) before.

    In my 90th year I feel normal. but how could my younger different past be considered normal too? it only works in the timeframe you are at present.

  • Terry

    I began life observing; really no part of what was going on.
    I was shuffled into a deck and dealt into a game where others handled me and played me.
    Finding myself in the pile of discards, I became that disappearing card in a magic trick.
    Now I'm part of nobody's deck or game. At all.
    I shall end life observing, really no part of what is going on.

    Context is everything.
    What are the constants in life and which are the variables?
    If you can hold on to those - you won't lose yourself.

    The current generation of people has very little "self" because individuality
    has been dissolved into a cult, a tribe, partisan madness.
    Moral 'high-horse' is a pathetic excuse for self.

    I'm glad I'm on the way out, frankly.

    I miss sanity, as little as there ever was :)

  • tiki

    That last comment says it all. My sentiments exactly, Terry.....

    (A fellow septugenarian....)

  • truthlover123

    Terry, I liked that last comment so much, I took a picture.. so true so true...

  • waton
    I'm glad I'm on the way out, frankly.

    T rue, older people, that have come to term with that sentiment are actually the happiest in a community. and
    show me a creative, working person, and I show you a sane person.

  • OnTheWayOut
    I'm glad I'm on the way out, frankly.

    Steal my forum name and you are glad about it. To avoid confusion, you get the "glad I'm" as part of it. GIOTWO for short.

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