I am now 73 and the road has been filled with wonders

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Happy 73rd Terry!

    I'll be joining you on the 9th of February.

    Until then I will respect my elder.

    By the way...I believe God will be hunting you down in 2020 to bless you and open doors for you and your obvious writing talents.

    Be blessed


  • eyeuse2badub

    Happy BD Terry.

    I'll be 73 in March and have pretty much lived a close copy of your life in many ways. I was a young zealot jw, pioneered out of high school, went to "prison" during the Viet war, young elder at 25 yo. I've seen your world and it was pretty cool. Growing up in the 60's in Southern California, Huntington Beach area was a blast. Got married at 19 and am still with my wife of 53 years. Wife is still a captive of the wt but she knows it's a bunch of bs as I've been able to 'witness' to her about shit she never knew about jw's.

    Anyway, I always enjoy your posts and hope someday to meet you in person!

    just saying!

  • sir82

    How have we gotten to page 2 and no one has said....

    "OK Boomer"

    Sir82, of the "technically, just under the wire, considered a boomer too" class

  • cyberjesus

    Happy Birthday.... Your world is not only defined by your age bracket... but also your location. Not all the people in their 70s live in your world.

    People who are 70 in North Korea will think you are weird. People who live in the desert or a jungle, etc.

    Your world is your POV on things.

    70 years ago there were even more POVs.

    Many of the values that were important in your time frame, are not important today. And many of the values that are important today will not be important tomorrow.

  • princecharmant

    In my late fifties, but really love your posts Terry. Which means I love you too. Happy Birthday!

  • bsmart

    Terry, you have a few months on me. I was the first of 6 kids because no birth control. Everyone came from a large family.

    I played marbles in the school yard. No Barbie dolls for me, she came around when I was a teenager. We walked to school... when we moved to another town that had busses for those who lived outside city limits I was amazed. How progress changes our lives. I had 4 years of home ec in high school, because I would be a house wife... Well I worked nearly 40 years at the local hospitals.

    When I was little one of my non witness relatives signed me up for a birthday subscription for a free eight ounce bottle of 7-up. I would take that coupon to the local grocery and drink it all by myself, no sharing with the siblings.. I was told that I was selfish, but "they didn't really want my germs did they"? I guess that was my first act of rebellion in the cult,

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Happy Birthday, Terry! I'm only about 5 years behind you, and remember many of the same things you wax so eloquently about.

    I always enjoy your posts, although I have to admit some of them above this Georgia boy's learnin' and a bit hard for me to follow. Oh well, the crow stories are always interesting...

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next collection of musings...

  • OnTheWayOut
    When the doctor pulled my screaming body out of mom all those 7 decades ago...

    Always the dramatic story-teller. Hey, we were all "born" one way or another, most of us similarly.
    Thanks for continually screaming all these decades later.
  • waton
    And so on...
    I've lived in several worlds

    T: Happy for you. and that you were spared to come in close contact with the Commies, and the nazis as some of us here were. those who lived in the decades before you already.

    Enjoy the rest of your journey, and keep the good words flowing! thank you.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Happy Birthday Terry, & have a wonderful day.

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