Should a JW accept Veteran payments?

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  • Iamallcool

    My Late Step Grandfather was a MS, never an Elder. He raised my Mom from age of 10. He was having hard time looking for work in a very rural area til he found a job with Lockheed. It was Obviously a Automatic Disassocation from JW. He worked there for a long time! When he retired from Lockheed, he began attending the meetings again and he got reinstated! He did receive a very nice pension and benefits!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Suffered from PTSD for years in silence. I became a JW two years after serving in Viet Nam and I eventually became an elder. Around the late 80's still not aware of my problem my anxiety attacks at times cause me to pass out. Never thought about the VA hospital and no way would I go to a VA hospital a JW elder,no way...After I left the organization I finally went to the VA and my diagnose, PTSD and I was awarded 100% disability for life.. As a JW I was told, more service time and it kept it under control but in my 50's it hit me (PTSD)..A co-worker told me to go to the VA. After the VA doctors explain to me what I was going through for years it all made sense but because I waited so long to seek treatment it created some big problems, the passing out...

  • scratchme1010

    Should a JW accept Veteran payments?

    Yes, no question about it, there are many JWs that I knew/know who receive veteran benefits.

  • freddo

    Old boy in my hall who passed away about ten years ago and who became a jw quite late in life - in his seventies I think - was a WW2 army veteran.

    In the UK there is the British Legion which is a charity mostly linked with the "poppy" appeal and which looks after servicemen in their time of need.

    He was a wily old bird and happily accepted handrails being installed and cash payments for things he "qualified for" such as a comfier mattress etc.

    He never really got the army out of his system and if I went to visit on a Saturday after the ministry he often would get his campaign medals out and start yacking about "the war".

    Funnily enough there was another younger guy who was in the British Army in the 1970's in Northern Ireland who got blown up by the I.R.A. and had alcohol and mental problems (not surprising really) before being a JW and he would tell me how the first veteran spent his army life as a stores clerk and never saw any action.

    It was quite funny really where the WW2 guy felt his six years outweighed the other guys two years and invaliding out. They would often needle each other.

    Both dead and gone waiting for Armageddon - hey ho.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Fool is the one who served, JW or otherwise, and does not claim the benefits.

    I served and was discharged honorably; so, I plan to retire early and claim medical benefits until such time that Medicare kicks in, then I shall continue to claim any services not covered by Medicare.


  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    An family member(JW) a few years back he needed a by-pass operation, he worked for himself. I told him go to the VA, you will save a lot..He told me no way...The guy was in his 60's and it cost him dearly, he served in the Navy 1957-60...I saw him a few months ago and he told me he speaks at the VA center and he is trying to get benefits. I ask him what are you speaking about? Helping vets to get their benefits...Also get a little service time.....

  • Saethydd

    Not strictly on topic, but as I was reading through this I was thinking "Wow! I thought veterans were usually poorly supported in the US." Then I saw that you're in Australia and it all made sense.

  • OnTheWayOut

    "No part of the world" has nothing to do with the person being "of the world" before becoming a JW.

    I get what you are asking, not so much about the person receiving needed benefits that he earned, but more about not even considering walking away from it and even being a bit proud of his service.

    It's a tough juggling act, this cognitive dissonance. I am sure it has crossed many veterans' minds when they became JW's.

    I am one of them. But I didn't get shot at or hurt in the military. I have no real benefits coming beyond the NOTHING DOWN mortgage and I would qualify for medical benefits if I didn't earn much money. All I can say is that were I still a believer, I would take what I deserved and be "quiet" about it to other JW's so as not to "stumble" them.

  • tepidpoultry

    Well of course! Every Witness I know has been taking their Christmas bonus' for the last 50 years, The poor have been getting their "Christmas Baskets" It's called rationalization


  • Scully

    They may as well accept those benefits, because there aren't any JWs who are going to support them that way!

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