I hope the letter about deleting the Theocratic school is true.

by John Aquila 49 Replies latest jw experiences

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    If you go to jwsurvey.com, any doubts about the leaked letter being authentic can be put to rest apparently. Cedars got an email from the WBTS legal department to remove it,or else face legal consequences. The letter is in fact removed, which makes it obvious that they were embarrassed about it. Which begs the question, why would they want the letter removed if it was not true?
  • LV101

    StarTrekAngel -- I could not believe the movie McFarland. I grew up in the San Joaquin Valley (McFarland part of and down the road) which was the food belt of the world at one time -- still in the top) but I had no idea this child labor went on! I went to jr. high and high school with several hispanics but they only did this type of work in the summer times, if at all. The McFarland children worked before and after school - unbelievable working/pay conditions. Slavery!

    I agree re/their educational opportunities. The parents of the hispanics I knew must have had good jobs -- they had decent homes, good clothes, always Catholic and as far as I know experienced beautiful holidays -- much better than any TMS school! McFarland 30 min. away and what a difference!

  • wannaexit

    @bethsarim the website is jwsurvey.org not .com

  • Olivia Wilde
    Olivia Wilde

    John Aquila: the released letter no question is real, ceders just posted a video & article that he was contacted by a legal firm of WTBTS putting a compliant of copyright violation infringement on the letter leaked.... why else the WT will go this far if it wasn't true? They wouldn't


  • StarTrekAngel

    @LV101. Some get it better than others. My wife's family were migrant workers on summers only but the kids worked just as much as the adults. Like I said, she started working at age 12. The main difference relies on wether the adults at the time are documented workers or not. That makes a huge difference. Not to toot my own horn because even though I am hispanic, I never had to endure this conditions but for the most part hispanics in the US are extremely resilient and resourceful. Then can surely start a trend that the next generation will continue until they get out of poverty. Is not without struggles but they sure try. After all, when was the last time that you saw this??

    @John Aquila.. Tango hits home for me :)

  • Mad Irishman
    Mad Irishman

    Wasn't it this time last year that all these supposed things were coming out at the Annual Meeting and none of them turned out to be true accept, a think, that there would be a few new songs?

  • Truthexplorer
    hey John Aquila, those spanish brothers will be thinking you my be a true prophet when that letter is read out lol :-)
  • StarTrekAngel
    By the way, if you like the tango from "take the lead" check out the music from "Gotan Project". You'll probably like it.
  • fastJehu
    John Aquila - hope-letter-about-deleting-theocratic-school-true

    The december kingdom ministry (KM) is online.

    NO schedule for the first week in january 2016 - as in previous december KMs.

    So another evidence, that beginning with january 2016 the org will change the mid-week-meeting.

  • pearlsister

    Well, I woke up in a Spanish congregation .

    THE "loving" treatment of the elders and others make me realize about the organization. But I would say it;s probably harder to wake up for someone who is not very literate or is not used to question anything said. Just my opinion...

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