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  • redpilltwice
    Sad...head in the sand. Kids make stuff up? It is more common for kids to hide the abuse out of fear of reprisals...then they grow up with serious emotional anxiety issues.
    So do adults. In cases of molestation then let the police investigate.

    Tiki, punkofnice and many others, you nailed it and yes, it angers me too! (shaking hands with wakemeup...)

    I already posted twice here but I can't get this thought out of my head of this JW blaming kids for making stuff up. HTF would he even know without the help and input of professionals in the field??? It's so sick man! It's very rude and heartless to say such a thing, only to save your WT face.

    It reminds me also of those two assholes in Australia (Terrence O'Brien and Rodney Spinks) who dared to claim before the ARC that abuse victims who choose to leave the congregation in order to protect themselves can be seen as persons who choose to shun the congregation for THEMSELVES!

    So, summarizing these two statements that

    1) it's been known that kids make stuff up, and

    2) that abuse victims who are leaving in fact are the ones who choose to shun the congregation

    give me an even more horrible and uncomfortable feeling than I already had since I broke with the bORG. Even after being out for +two years now, the potential dangers of such a twisted mindset occur even more threatening to me than ever before and are becoming clearer and clearer every time a JW is allowed to give an official or personal "justification" for what's happening in the bORG.

    May 2018 bring more common sense to those who are brainwashed and justice and satisfaction to the victims!.

  • Jrjw

    I heard If the organisation loses the case in Manchester that's going on at the moment they could lose their charity status

  • flipper

    JrJW- I understand your anger with these people and their twisted views of child abuse within their organization. I've tried talking for years to my JW relatives and adult JW daughters about it - to no avail - excuses are made " the elders disfellowship them " or " our elders reported the child molester to police " - like elders report it everywhere to police- not. Doesn't happen usually.

    The WT leaders are really criminally responsible due to their faulty child abuse policies of INSISTING that elders FIRST report child abuse cases to WT legal department before ever going to the police. This creates an environment of hiding the child abuses from authorities - while aiding and enabling JW pedophiles to abuse more children !

    WT Society even refused to release the names of JW pedophiles in a hidden database file of over 23,000 that they have- refused to release these names to the courts upon demand ! They were found in contempt of court and WT Society is still fighting in court- refusing to release those names of JW pedophiles ! Jehovah's loving organization at work, right ? Ick.

    I'm like you JrJW- when I first found out about this hiding of child abuse within the JW organization after I exited the Witnesses - I was extremely angry also. To think that I was a part of an organization hiding child abuse- makes me shiver in my boots now. I'm glad I broke off from that criminal organization

  • ShirleyW

    If your head is so far up your ass that you defend child abuse I wonder if there's any hope for those who think that way. They're so quick to point fingers at other religions but it's going on in their own.

    I remember my mother used to dial in to the meetings sometimes and I heard this brother point out in the Washtowel study that very thing about the Catholics and child abuse, like the Dubs have no problem of child molesting - smh

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    Everyone knows "child abuse" happens at every KHall.

    Smacking, slapping, spanking, twisting of skin.

    Child is young and needs to be home tucked into bed to sleep but instead is wearing dress up clothes at an adult recruitment/selling seminar.

    Older child, teenager needs to stay home and do homework and study for school tests not be dressed up sitting at the Hall.

    It is abusive not to be in team/competitive sports where you get needed exercise, encouragement and feelings of achievement.

    It is abusive to not let a child be who they want to be.

    We are not even discussing sex abuse here. In matters of sexual abuse, what motive(s) does an adult have in saying children lie and make this horrendeous life changing event up? The adults are lying and continuing the cover up.

  • Jrjw

    GB have brainwashing down to an art if they can have people still trusting them over something as serious as condoning child abuse. I'd say keeping it within the organisation to protect Jehovah's name and the GB not giving the court the records of 23000 known paedophiles within the organisation is condoning it.

  • Saename
    Headline jw abuser never catholic or born again abuser.

    To my knowledge, Australian newspapers are actually focusing more on the Catholic church than the Jehovah's Witnesses.

  • EverApostate

    JWs justify the children's death , due to the parents refusal on blood transfusion.

    Why wouldn't they justify or shift the blame on Child abuse ?

  • scratchme1010
    I'm disgusted at how lightly they take it.

    I would have questioned that person about (s)he being a pedophile. I'd would have said something along the lines that those are the words of people who have something to hide.

    If that person felt disgusted by my accusation, then I did my job.

  • Vidiot
    Jrjw - "I heard If the organisation loses the case in Manchester that's going on at the moment they could lose their charity status."

    I can;'t help but wonder if that's in the cards in an even more widespread way.

    Be a fun idea for a betting pool, at least (when and where)... :smirk:

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