Child abuse

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  • Finkelstein

    ZEB makes a good point that most indoctrinated JWS dont realize that there are pedophiles, adulterers, wife beaters, alcoholics , business crooks etc. within their organization.

    After all its Jehovah's spiritual paradise unlike false corrupt religious institutions.

    They see themselves distinctively righteous, truthful and clean in comparison to non-jws.

    Add in the acceptance that god exclusively has his guiding holy spirit over the organization, JWs are pressed to see the organization in its entirety as being righteously superior ............well until the law suits appear that is.

  • joe134cd

    My argument would be couldn't the catholic church have said the same thing when Wt was only to willing to point the finger. To his credit at least he was willing to discuss it with you. The ones I've spoken to have just blocked me.

  • Diogenesister
    the organization isn't perfect. We are made up of imperfect people that error at times. Don't hold an organization to a perfect standard. The abusers are exposed in time and removed from the org." Really? Completely clueless. Keep drinking the kool aid.

    I love to say, " But don't all churches, all organizations, say exactly what you've just said? Make exactly those same excuses? Just think about that for a moment".

    There is literally nothing in this world a dub hates more than to be just like everyone else."

  • Jrjw

    Zeb - he has 2 kids and his daughter was sexually abused when she was younger off an unbaptised brother who was baptised a year later and is now a servant. He was never charged and never given restrictions due to being unbaptised at the time. His daughter is scarred by it and freaks out art assemblies if she sees the person

  • punkofnice

    It angers me too. Bloody poltroon! What would I say to them? Probably something sarcastic......

    "It has been known for kids to make stuff up.

    So do adults. In cases of molestation then let the police investigate.

    We have to trust the society on these things, also the legal process is there.

    No you don't and no it isn't.

    I just know that Satan will do his best to discredit the witnesses.

    The imaginary Satan that doesn't exist, doesn't need to. The Governing body are doing a bang up job all by themselves.

    Headline jw abuser never catholic or born again abuser.

    What does this even mean?

    There is so much evidence that we have the truth, just have to trust the society with it.

    Mind control is working here.

    I do believe the press on a lot of things just not jw stuff.

    This is totally laughable. What a div.

    They did say on the November broadcast that they won’t change the two witness rule, just have to show loyalty to the society."

    Really? What happens if your kid/grandkid gets molested? Wake up, mate, you're in a bubble of mind controlled stupidity............and it's very dangerous.

  • tiki

    Sad...head in the sand. Kids make stuff up? It is more common for kids to hide the abuse out of fear of reprisals...then they grow up with serious emotional anxiety issues. This guy is exceedingly ignorant.

  • punkofnice
    he has 2 kids and his daughter was sexually abused when she was younger

    Then this person is a wilfully ignorant twat and deserves a kick up the arse.

  • zeb

    "Headline jw abuser never catholic or born again abuser."

    The man is an idiot. The ARC had evidence given by many many organisations religious and secular.


  • zeb

    thanks finkelstein.for your support.

    "kids make stuff up" and this why you call the Police not the "branch office" as quoted from elders at the ARC at every turn.

    "legal process" The only process the elders referred to was "call the branch office".

    They clearly expected the ARC to just roll over and say; "Branch office, what a good idea ok off you go." But thanks be they didn't and the Justice said the JW elders were the least prepared of any group presenting with little understanding of procedure.

    "So much evidence we have the truth".. what?

    Like all the failed predictions from a century ago and then to my day. (google: "Stay alive 'till '75" ) lies told about the Malawi affair. Have the truth? what level of truth? the truth that allows the gb to be almost begging the rank and file for their $$$.

    No blood! then its fractions allowed? Later still its cows blood as "Hemopure" is permitted?

    The two witness rule. Yes they are sticking to it as there have court cases come and gone in living memory and more a coming in more and more countries where the two witness rule has been slammed. But the gb have bricked themselves into a corner on that one.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    I f*cking HATE the WT mind control! What the GB has done to these unassuming people is beyond deplorable and DANGEROUS. We're talking GROWN ADULTS AROUND THE WORLD WITH SWISS CHEESE FOR BRAINS. I'm so ANGRY because my parents are among them thinking the exact same non-thoughts.

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