Who Was The Biggest Jackass Circuit Overseer You Ever Met?

by Sea Breeze 82 Replies latest watchtower scandals

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  • FragrantAddendum

    Ian Flynn

    Jason Toftum

    "yes-men" who throw sheep to the wolves and run away when confronted about it

    (cowards with badges)

  • Vidiot

    Spoiled for choice, apparently. 😏

  • iloowy.goowy

    Most of them and especially so, Scott Henry and his father before him DO Henry. Both of them, the acorn didn't fall too far from the old trunk. Company men without love of goodness. Blind guides, inspired by the unholy governing body evil slaves and rotten offspring of deceit.

  • DisgruntledFool

    Alan Hood...and his son ran a close second although he couldn't hold a candle to the arrogance of his daddy.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Circus Overseer Is just a business man who lives for free,,reaps benefits & controls & or destroys lives & families.

    They're dicks,, but they are praised & exonerated. Held in high esteem.

  • ukpimo

    UK Circuit Overseers who were jackasses, hmm. I have a long list. I've been to many parts of England so I'm well aware of the names and characters of many Circuit Overseers. Some listed are dead, very few are alive today.

    Most arrogant:

    Alan Stokes (a face you would want to throw up to)

    Ian Thomasson (shouldn't have been a CO)

    Jonathan Hepworth (high and mighty with a veneer of "humility")

    John Carruthers (just an annoying man)

    John Stanbridge (an old fart who was as dry and evil as can be)

    Philip Rose (control freak and a fat lard of a CO who demanded dessert at lunch breaks)

    Henry Devaston (devastating man!!)

    Jim Cleary (elders always feared his arrival)

    Roddy Holyoake (closeted gay with a fiery temper, whose wife back in the day was an absolute blonde bombshell, too good for him. All the young lads drooled over Mrs CO!)

    Colin Seymour (a dry CO with a desire for power over the elder bodies!)

    Peter Nichols (one of the old-school COs who wouldn't take no for an answer!)

    Paul Rimmington (a robotic drone, marginally pleasant but dry and annoying. Treats the elders like crap, loves the pioneers more and makes sure you know who's boss.)

    Slightly arrogant:

    Dean Whittaker (Nice enough guy, just controlled by his arsehole wife Debbie who should never have been a CO wife, the least spiritual and condescending CO wife I have ever met)

    Colin Conradie (little Hitler)

    John Hobden (all eyes on you)

    Keith Gaydon (rubbish jokes and stirred up elders at elders meetings)

    Anton Irons (cardboard cutout of an old-school CO from the 1960s)

    Mike Purbrick (one of the most hated COs!)

    Paul Presland

    Colin Bird (annoying Northern guy, now disfellowshipped and divorced living with another woman, and a little obsessed with sex)

    Phil Appleby (thought too much about himself and his voice)

    Mike Spurr (loved all the attention)

    Chris Jolly (not as jolly as his surname sounds!)

    Anthony Manning (publicly reproved, not sure what for)

    Dennis Dutton (full of himself and all the cream cakes)

    Average likeable company men:

    Ted Wright (lovely gentleman and excellent speaker, had a way with words)

    Justin Shaw (a nice guy with a cheesy sense humour)

    Clive Upton (a decent guy)

    D.? Garrod (a well-mannered bloke)

    Mike Seidler (absolutely beautiful human being, a true Christian unlike many other COs of his time, however Dodie his wife was an absolute dragon, most sisters dreaded working woth her on the ministry. The personalities of both didn't match, poor chap. Heard he died recently)

    There may be more I can't think of from the top of my head. Only 4 I've mentioned were actually my CO in my circuit, to conceal my identity.

  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze


    Wow! You get around don't you? That's quite a list.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the daftest one i ever met --in the UK --was John Blaney.

  • karter

    New Zealand and he was in Australia "Hans Hubbler" stopped during a talk at an assembly to ask the attendents to remove a crying baby.

    Was a rude arrogant man who loved the power and loved to use it.

    They had problems getting anyone to have him and his equally horable wife for meals.

    When he intoduced the C.O who took over from him (Merv cant remember last his name) He said "This is the guy who trained me" He was basicly sayng you think im an arsehole this guy trained me....Turned out to be one of the best C.Os we had.


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