How many victims of the blood issue do you know?

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I knew two personally, in my congo. I suspect this is pretty rare. Not that man people die of refusing a blood transfussion I think. One of them was a young woman in out cong who died in childbirth.She ruptured something and bled to death.The other person who died was my own dear dad. It took him about 14 days to die. Im just curious if anyone else knows anybody that refused blood and went all the way to the pearly gates. Im just curious if anyone else has seen , first hand, what it is like to die slowly because you wont let them put some blood into you. It aint pretty.

  • freedom96

    The no blood policy is just sick and evil. And to find out that half of the governing body was ok with transfusions?

    That is blood guilt, hands down.

  • LB

    I know of a young man at my old hall that had a large brain tumor. The doctors refused to operate without a transfusion. He never got the surgery and died a few weeks later.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    The old man died in 1990. He was 56 and had been innactive for about 10 years. Anyway, he was at work one day and he slipped and hit his back on a metal brace sticking out of the wall. so they sent him to the docs and took X rays, etc. He was off work about a week and wasnt getting any better, his back still hurt like hell, but the doc was insistent that he had just recieved a knock. Anyway, a week in my old ma rings up in a panic, the old boy has collapsed in the bathroom and is on his way to the hospital. So I drove down. The family is there of course, and I recieve the shocking news, eventually, that he was ruptured internally when he fell at work and has, for a week, been slowly bleeding out into his stomach and internal tracts .All thats happened is that hes so low on blood in his veins that he cant sustain consciousness. And so the fun begins. The last thing the idiot says before they put him under the anaesthetic? "No blood". He hasnt ATTENDED a meeting in 5 years and he says "No Blood". With those words he signed his own death warrant. Of course mummy dearest backed his decision because she still "believed" as well. Sop he laid in hospital slowly rotting because, as I understand it, as the bodies situation becomes more critical it shuts down the extremities to preserve the core. So the trunk and head are preserved while the feet and hands are sacrificed to gangrene. Its strange, see, the doctors, they dont tell you outright, "He will die". You know he will, but you cling to hope. So the doctors come and say, "His left foot will have to be amputated, and three of the toes on his right foot, because of gangrene". And you think to yourself " One foot, and a few toes, yeah, well his quality of life will still be reasonable". Then they come and say "His left foot, toes on the right foot and half of his right hand", and you think, "Well, yeah. He can learn to write with his left hand, he will still be able to function". These are the kind of thoughts you are thinking in the hospital at 3am. Of course, the elders are there, theres a 24 hour vigil by some guy in a suit with a briefcase. Hes there, different face, same agenda, any hour of the day or night watching to make sure that noone tries to slip any blood into the guy while noone is looking.

    More later.

  • Brummie

    I personally know 4 people who died, all being under 29 yrs old and I heard of others. One was a distant relative but close friend in my congregation (related though marraige), she died during child birth, the baby died too. Because I had left the WT I could not find out what happened apart from knowing it was the refusal of blood. However when my wife went into labour with our child it turned out that we had the same midwife who dealt with the person who died. I finally heard the story, she was wide awake and knew the consequences, she bled to death. the hospital staff were traumatised, she was 29 yrs old. too much to even think about!


  • betweenworlds

    My husbands grandfather. He had a hemorrage in his intestines due to diverticulitis. He wouldn't take blood and he died after 3 days because his heart wasn't getting enough oxygen due to not enough red blood cells in his blood stream and his heart just stopped beating.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Brumm. 4 must be some kind of world record I think.

    Its a curious thought that cults are killers. They kill their members and so feed on themselves. Im sure that more people have died over the "blood issue" than the 913 who drank poisoned kool aid in the Guyana jungle

  • Shutterbug

    This link has some excellent information on the WTS stupid blood policy. I had not looked it up until recently when the blood issue hit very close to home. (more on this in a later post) This web site shows pictures of some very beautiful children whose parents followed the WTS policy of no blood. For those of you who havn't looked into this linc, a warning, it is not pleasant reading. However it is very informative. Bug

  • DanTheMan

    None that I can recall.

    When I was a newbie JW, there was an older bro at the cong I attended, he was a very firey but somewhat senile JW. One day he slipped and fell while he was in his bathroom at home. He fell on the commode, breaking it, which resulted in him getting cut pretty bad. Well, the wife calls 911 and he is rushed to the hospital unconscious. BUT - she never tells the medical personnel her hubby's religious stance. So the hospital gave him a transfusion.

    I guess that the elders were upset with the wife, but what could they really do. He died a couple of years after that.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    shutter. I think unless a person has been directly involved they might not know the true horrors of what is occuring. Like I said, It aint pretty. My old man was in hospital about 12 days before he died. Ive got no doubt if hed had blood he would have been right. Anyway, about 4 days into the ordeal one of my brothers launched an action to try and take over control of my fathers care. He tried to wrest it away from the old girl who was legal guardian. So the wife and the 4 sons voted as to who they thought should be guardian. If my brother won he would have pumped blood into the old boy and damn the consequences. She came into the room and there was some dub guru in a very expensive suit with her. As we all sat down he started to speak "Now, you boys, I understand how you feel".... My brother said "Who are you mate?". The guy said, "Im a member of the organization and Im here to advise your mother" My brother stood up and went right into his face and screamed "Well fucking well advise her and otherwise shut your gob. This is nothin to do with you!". The dub never opened his mouth again.

    I voted that she remain guardian. I figured, If he wanted to commit suicide that was his problem

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