How many victims of the blood issue do you know?

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  • DanTheMan

    rf, I'm confused -

    the old girl who was legal guardian...the wife

    same person, or 2 different ladies we're talking about here?

  • Kenneson

    When I first started studying with JWs in 1958, my cousin's wife, who was a Witness, was operated on for a brain tumor. She refused blood and died. It created quite a furor in my hometown. Some people even began accusing JWs of murder. It took a long time for the tension to diffuse.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Dan. The "old girl" was dear old Ma. Now dont hold me to it as gospel truth because it was 12 years ago and memory fades and alters, but I recall that My mother (his wife) legally, was viewed as his "guardian" while he was unconscious. In truth Im pretty sure that the legal sitdown that was held to try and wrest control of guardianship might have been moot anyway. After all her had already stated his own will in the matter. Perhaps it was all a technicality. I can say that the doctors, nurses, etc in intensive care were very bitter about what was happening and fought will all strength to preserve his foolish life. They threw everything at it that they had. But when youve only got 4 pints of blood in your veins, intense prayer and "blood builders" arent going to fix the problem.

  • Mulan
    One of them was a young woman in out cong who died in childbirth.She ruptured something and bled to death.

    This is exactly what happened to my brother's wife in 1977. The uterine artery ruptured, during forcep delivery. The baby was born dead. A double tragedy for our family. It's the worst thing we ever went through. If only we didn't have to happen.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Mulan. Yeah, I dont recall exactly with the young woman,its a long while ago, but her husband was around after she died and I dont recall a baby, so the baby must have died too.

  • DanTheMan


    Man, that is so sad. Is your brother still JW?

  • Mulan

    No, he left about 2 years later. He had been a very prominent elder, but it destroyed him. They had two teenaged daughters at the time too. They survived, eventually. The eldest is a psychologist. Neither of them had children. Understandable. They are 39 and 41 now.

    He tried to talk to me, but I shunned him for 16 years. Another tragedy. Things are fine with us now, and were the first time we talked after I came to my senses.

  • Solace


    1. My uncle is walking around right now with a very low blood count since he refuses to transfuse. Not sure how long he will live, he has health problems and I cant imagine him being put on a doner list if he wont even accept a transfusion. Pretty pointless.

    2. A friend of my families died recently refusing blood, he had cancer and they commented that he would have died anyway.

    3. My grandfather died during surgery in which he also refused a blood transfusion. I was there with him when he struggled with the decision. I'll always wonder if the liazon commitee hadnt been there hovering over him, maybe me and my sister could have talked him into accepting. He was upset, didnt know what to do and was crying, as we all were. I could tell he was torn. The Dr. told him he had only a 3% chance of survival without blood and he said he "wanted to attempt the surgery without blood, so he could continue to live and be with his family".

    Had he accepted the transfusion, he would have been disfellowshipped and lost contact with all of his JW children. They were the only reason he wanted to live, so whats the point in accepting I suppose.


    Even one victim is too many.

    Personally, I wish someone would find a way to sue the living shit out of the WTS and take them for everything they have taken from so many and leave them with nothing for a change.

  • chachasmum

    I had a cousin who was involved in a road accident. She lost a great deal of blood. The elders were at the hospital putting pressure on her mum not to give consent. Margaret ended up dying. It was a mess, it broke up the family. They divorced and her other two daughters stayed in the troof. So my aunt ended up losing all her kids. Their mum left the org and turned what they call apostate. I wonder if she knows about this website. I don't have contact with them but they are somewhere out in Australia.

  • Prisca

    There was a young brother in my old congregation who died due to refusing a blood transfusion. I don't remember the details that well, as it happened about 30 yrs ago, but it caused a huge scandal in the town it occurred in. The nurses at the hospital claim that late in the last night he was alive he did ask for blood, but that his parents already pressured the drs into accepting the "no blood" stance. It was the young guy's original stance too. Whether or not he changed his mind, we'll never know. He died, aged in his late teens. He was his parent's only child. The parents eventually became inactive. They occasionally came to the Memorial, but they peetered out on that too.

    My cousin came very close to needing a blood transfusion during child-birth, due to loss of blood. She refused to take any blood. She survived, but I hate to think of how close she came.

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