Mom died, How and When I found out

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  • 3rdgen

    To everyone: Thank you ALL so much for your kind thoughts and wishes. You really helped lift my spirits. Learning TTATT and losing friends and family changes our lives and can be painful yet, in the end, we are free to live life the way that works for us. FREE at last!!! CHEERS!!!!!

  • LV101

    I'm so sorry you're the victim of a toxic egg donor. I also have a horrifying mother (never a witness) who is a narcissistic psychopath and is now suffering with dementia. I feel for the caregivers dealing with her. She's almost decent to me at this stage of her life because she's scared, old and wants out of the facility.

    It's amazing how many women I know who have non-JW mothers who are evil and mean as snakes.

    Keep care of yourself and enjoy every day of your life in spite of her.

    Best -

  • flipper

    3RDGEN- Been out of town a few days and just saw this thread today. I'm so sorry for your loss as I lost my mom about a month ago as well. But I'm even more sorry that your mom was not there for you emotionally or in any other way. I can relate to your experience because my dad was exactly the same way. Nothing I ever did pleased him- just like your mom with you. The mental abuse we suffered in this criminal organization the JW's- is monstrous and nasty.

    I found out from my son that apparently my JW brother, an elder, had not told his fellow JW's that he had a younger brother either. Because a " sister " asked my son " who are you " ? And he said " I'm Flipper's son, Flipper's the younger brother of the brother who gave the talk " and the JW lady said, " I didn't know he had a younger brother. " Then my older brother said in front of my son, " Oh yes, he's the " black sheep " of the family. " Nice " Christian " thing to say right ? Yet WHO was it that sat up all night the final 12 hours with my mom dying until her last breath ? Yep- the " black sheep " of the family.

    Don't let the bastards grind you down my friend, most of those JW's are clueless, they have no heart and they are jealous of US because they realize they'll never have as much heart as we do. Don't worry about impressing them- they are not worth the effort. They are wolves and jackals. Hang in there, my wife and I are very sorry for your lost years with your mom. With love to you, sincerely, Mr. Flipper & Mrs. Flipper

  • Disassociated Lady 2
    Disassociated Lady 2

    I am so sorry to hear this, I know how you feel. My father passed away in 2015 and I grieve for all the years I was shunned and couldn't be with him. My mother is a fanatical cruel woman too and bitter because she is old (she never thought she would be) and now without my father. She continues to shun me, but I remind myself that my parents are JW robots, I never knew them as real people. You cannot have a proper parent/child relationship with robots can you. Sending you love <3 xxx

  • 3rdgen

    LV101, "I feel for the caregivers dealing with her" No kidding! We got more than one frantic message from the rest home saying the nurses were in tears after dealing with my mom. They ended up kicking her out to a tougher place. Thanks for your sympathy, you have mine. Hugs

    FLIPPER Thanks for your input. After meeting your dad (even though he was on his best behavior) I could recognize the JW arrogance in him. Sorry you can relate to my story. I haven't seen or heard from anyone in my family in over 8 years except my daughter and the lame "your mom died" message left from my aunt.

    IF they couldn't bother telling me when and where they were having mom's JW informercial/memorial then I couldn't bother to attend. So glad your mom's was better.

    DISSE"D LADY2, "You cannot have a proper parent/child relationship with robots." SOOOO TRUE!! Sorry you know how I feel. Hugs back to you.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I never saw her again and the rest of her family have cut me out of their lives for years.

    I for one am glad you are here and part of our lives. 3rdGen, when I found the "courage" to register here over 4 years ago, you were one of the first person with whom I had some PMs. You shared the story of you an BA and it resonated with me.

    Sorry for your loss and sorry that those in your family are still so deluded and blinded. . . . Doc

    Let's review: "It's a Cult!"

  • 3rdgen

    Doc, Thanks for your kind thoughts. I am glad to be part of this family for so many reasons. You are one of the many people I would love to meet and "adopt" as replacement family.

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