Mom died, How and When I found out

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  • 3rdgen

    Xan and Millie, hugs to you too! I am doing my best to cultivate a decent amount of self-esteem. Not as easy as it sounds since there are so many other experiences that factor in addition to my upbringing.

    2017 is the year I intend to live a more authentic life. I wish the same for all of you.

  • usualusername1

    3rdgen I understand 100% your feelings. I hate my mother and family. When she passes away I will not attend her funeral and will be fully at peace. My mother was sadistic even without the religion.

    Happy to chat privately if that helps...


  • LisaRose

    I am sorry you had such a horrible mother and that those people were so uncaring to have told you about it like that.

    You can be at peace knowing that you did all you could and that your poo flinging mother is also finally at peace.Lisa🌹

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hey 3rdgen, Yay, you are free! Go for your authentic self!

    I just got a t-shirt today "Be yourself, everyone else is taken".

    I had just been wondering what was going on with you, since I haven't seen you on the board in a while.... I keep reminding myself, 'all things come to an end'... one way or the other.

    2017, good year to start anew.... I hope we can meet up this year.

    Hugs & love to you, cha ching

  • steve2

    3rdgen wow - this really hurts. Sometimes it's only when our parents are gone that the full weight of their negative ways of communicating hits us so very hard. There is no love, no goodwill to soften the blows. Bereft of parents, we are forced to "see" their behaviour for what it really is: Mean-spirited, manipulative and blatantly unloving. 3rdgen, I'm sorry your last memories of your Mom were so horrific and demeaning. I hope you can find at least a little solace in knowing that so many of us here understand and can validate your suffering in the name of an unloving religious organization.

  • Ding

    So sad reading stories like this.

    The WT is hardly the spiritual paradise it claims to be.

    I'm grateful for everyone who escapes.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    3rdgen I completely understand where you are coming from. You are free from her now, learn to be everything your mother was not. That is what I have been working on now for 5 years now and my mother is still alive soon to be 94 years old. I am going to stop now for I do not want to say something that makes me sound like my mother. Be happy and fell good about your self. Still Totally ADD

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    I am just so sorry, it sounds a lot like my family. I hate to think that there are more than one family so mental in this world. I swear that this religion breeds them.

    My heart goes out to you.


  • jaydee
  • 3rdgen

    Usual, I don't know if there even WAS a memorial for mom. I never called my aunt back. Why would I put myself through that?

    Lisa Rose, Thanks. Poo flinging- hahaha

    Cha Ching, LOVE your T-shirt! PM your phone#. Let"s chat.

    Steve, true that! Nobody understands like the folks here.

    Ding, I'm grateful too!

    Still ADD,I too have spent 34 years trying to be the mom I always wanted. The Irony is that my only child says she doesn't respect someone who doesn't have more respect for herself. She is angry that I have often been a doormat. She's getting counseling and I'm working on self-help so hopefully, our relationship will improve. :)

    LITS, True, but I also think it attracts and retains the meanies who wouldn't be tolerated in any other setting. Who else but an assh*** wishes and hopes for the violent destruction of nearly the whole human race?!

    Jaydee, How sweet ! Thanks

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