First posting on here..Hello all

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  • amicabl

    Hello L.U. Lots of us pommies on here. I assume you have checked out Jw.facts and Cedars videos on YouTube etc. by now. A good daily feed of exjw material keeps me from getting down.

  • Diogenesister

    Hi there London Undies, as punky named you, welcome to the forum.

    Sarf London here!

    Boy you're right in the thick of it up there, arent you? More jw's than you can shake a stick at. Keep researching, lots of info on here, too.Don't know what happened to your post, it's usually very straight forward. Doubt you said anything untoward...pretty broadminded types run the place, no micro managing here. Technical maybe.xx

  • scratchme1010

    Id like to thank everyone for posting on here and the entire Ex Jw community . Its great to have these resources for people waking up, coming out or stuck in PIMO.

    Thank you. Welcome. As you will see or have seen, you will find a wealth of opinions, points of views and levels of connection to the WT. Please take what you like and let the rest go. What may not suit you may be very useful to others.

    Once again, welcome.

  • darkspilver
    London Underground: im not sure why my first post yesterday was deleted

    TBH I wasn't. For those wondering...

    Thread title: # 1st post-# OUTING A PEADO in LONDON, CLAPHAM UK.- [redacted] came to meet a 12y old Girl BUT got busted, confessed to being a JW?

    Redacted summary: The OP was based on a video from a certain vigilante paedophile online hunter group - they pretend to be the under-age recipient of online/mobile phone messages and arrange to meet suspected paedophiles in real-life and then film the encounter and post it onto youtube etc etc.

    Towards the end of one such 20-minute long video, the OP thought that the 21 year-old man who was being confronted, appeared to, quite genuinely, confess that they where a JW.

    The OP was asking if this man was still a JW.

  • Ding


  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Welcome London Underground. Look forward to hearing your stories.

    Mill Hill "underground" is nice - because it's above the ground and in the fresh air.

  • cofty

    Hi LU welcome to the forum. Plenty of Brits around here, I'm from up north - Berwick.

    Best wishes.

  • Simon

    Your first post was removed because it appeared to name & accuse someone of serious crimes based on some vigilantist-type youtube video without any links to official reports. You can't use this site to do this - doing it as a first post just makes it more suspect.

  • Giordano

    Since the JW world is made up of fake beliefs and reckless information it's extra

    important for us ex's to be able to document the site we pulled our information from.

    Here are the community guidelines:

    Mostly common sense stuff.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    Hi London UnderGround!!

    Welcome aboard. Yes, you can truly ''feel'' the lack of love in amongst the congregations and the utmost hypocrisy, it's just aweful isn't it?

    This place you can rest be assured you can express yourself freely anytime and with anyone, you're welcome!!

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