Calm Down Everybody, We Will Know Soon Enough

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  • TheListener
    Oh man the dubs loooooove October!! and not for Halloween...
  • truthlover
    In my estimation, when they say the building work is stopped., then the rumor will go around they ran out of money and then watch the coffers go higher
  • _Morpheus
    Totally agree with the original premise here. There will be no mass exodus. The cult will continue as normally scheduled.... But damn its facinating to see how fast they are sliding!
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    yeah, I tend to agree on 2 things happening If or when they announce the building work as stopped.

    1)they will say the end is here


    2)they will simply ask for even more money due to lack of funds

    or maybe both

  • TheWonderofYou

    I'd speculative guess that they simply want to increase the exitement about the annual meeting, the importance of the meeting as democratic decision could be emphazised, the GB doesnt want to decide everything and to be responsible for everything, so the full assembly has the last word and they are now responsible too. And only after acceptance by the whole annual meeting the work will be continued.

    GB will be only guardians, or moderators, mostly of doctrine, but a new financial regime will be appointed of the other sheep, maybe eben 5 directors for each continent. Each continent is allowed to work independently.

    The uproar was heavy, they resign and will be reelected and glance, because whereelse should we go for guardians but the financial decisions will be in the subentities, the attorneys dont want to follow the decision longer, they stroked the GB to get independence and own glory.

    So London will be the center for europe, warwick for american, sydney, capstadt, hongkong. Different laws, different tasks, limited liability.GB cant keep the overview alone.

    Than it could be that the WTBS Pennsylvania is cancelled as central publishing entity and central legal department, replaced by new entities to limit responsibility in each continent.

    Or the might is going over to london in whole. There we have the successful European association of jehovahs witnesses cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner od human rights, his excellence prince Zeid., the first muslim in this office.

    Perhaps the last annual meeting in this form, if Pennsylvanian society ceases to exist, and new york is at an endpoint.

  • TheWonderofYou

    Whereelse should be go for clean smart popstars ....

    Only one restriction will be for the bankers,no hedgeing anymore, no hazardous gambling, only prime rate will be allowed because of the impression of a charities, money grab machines at the places of worship will be cancelled.

    Charities will be founded for the poor and lonesome as the statutes already included and allowed since 2000 and was done in france with aidafrique than, a Christian university will be founded for higher education and research as the statutes already allow in London or Italy as sign to the public of an approach to the scientific community.

  • Aleph

    When the coutry will be in "flame" and everything falling appart...

    They are just doing like Gideon did, only keeping the best of the best.

    Gideon activity

    FOR SURE : end is behind the door !

  • _Morpheus
    @wonderofyou- the gb are not elected. You are thinking of the wt corporate officers which is a completely different thing

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