Calm Down Everybody, We Will Know Soon Enough

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  • Listener
    I wonder if it has anything to do with the Warwick site contamination and their plans on suing?
  • LostGeneration

    Good points OTWO.

    I fear in reality the troops will just call it "wonderful progress" from da b0rg and it will reinforce the idea that they are in the one true cult.

  • LongHairGal

    However many kernels of truth are at the heart of this, one thing is obvious to me: the religion is re-inventing itself big-time.

    If all these changes came over an extended period of time, it might not be such a shock to the people there.

    The fact that they are coming in an avalanche (in addition to what has happened in the last decade) is going to upset many people there. While it is true that some will spin it as something positive ("Jehovah is speeding things up"), I think this will disappoint others (not to mention fired Bethelites).

    If I had to make a 50/50 guess, I'd bet half or more will be unhappy. Of that amount, some will leave out of disappointment and disgust.

    As for those who stay, they are either trapped because of potential shunning, in sleep-mode or checked their brains at the door long ago.

  • konceptual99

    I agree with the point on rampant speculation. I also agree that to a certain extent the meeting change is just repackaging the same old junk but there is something different about this. The meeting change has obviously been in the pipeline for ages. Construction changes - I think that's far more recent.

    Although building will ultimately continue, the rapid change on construction priorities seems far more knee jerk than any other WTS decision I have ever known. They have been pushing the construction projects for ages, promoting them via JWB and making a massive noise about the LDC and new halls.

    Having to change building plans is something you do when the money is going to run out. Somebody in bethel has realised the spend on the projects is too much. Someone has worked out that they can lower long term costs by not running a hotel.

    I have never seen anything that is so close to a u-turn being done by the WTS. I really don't think they have calculated the impact on the rank and file as I am sure they do on every other change. I think they are taking a calculated risk that any issues arising can be managed by peer based thought control but they may just have taken a step too far.

  • Lieu
    Hmmm. The reason for all the recent 'OBEY us without question' articles is starting to make sense. I smell some drastic changes coming ...
  • cantleave
    All I know is this cult will still be here when I am gone.
  • maksutov
    My JW wife thinks the cutbacks and simplifications are all to make translation easier. There is so much focus on translating into as many languages as possible she says. What it "means" to any individual depends to a large extent on the biases they approach the information with.
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    You are wise my friend!!! I will calm down. Won't run my story on .."Governing body gets AIDS from blood fractions!!"
  • tiki

    There will always be people who need to feel part of a special blessed group...and having decisions made for them, etc.....speculation on the future of the religion is fun, but really rather pointless. They really aren't all that important...but I can feel for those of you with family still bamboozled faithful ones.

    That said...I get the biggest kick out of how we get the scoop while they are still gasping in anticipation of the latest secret to be revealed......reminds me of when I was a kid and how the congregation servant would tantalize us with what color the new yearbook was...he knew...but letting the minions know apparently was a heady experience for that bozo.

  • FayeDunaway
    I just realized that this announcement (building coming to skidding halt) will, instead of wake people up, actually excite many witnesses. 'the END is here!!! The governing body KNOWS!!!' Plus it's almost October :(.

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