What Would A Jehovah's Witness Romance Novel Be Like?

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  • SpunkyChick

    Yeah! Come on Tres!! Purrrrrrrty pul-ease???

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    We can all guess the ending.....they must commit fornication and be disfellowshipped ----or only one is disfellowshipped and leaves the religion---the other repents and becomes a full time pioneer---star crossed love! Never to be together again!!

    Anything less would would be like reading the "TRUTH" book. ( old publication, from my time as a JW)

    Please, Tres, finish this for all of your fans. We await breathless.....

  • TresHappy

    I have typed this on my word processor and am trying to copy and paste the update - however it won't let me copy and paste my words - any ideas

  • minimus

    Tres, I hope it's not demonized.

  • jgnat

    Sometimes formatting codes in the other software interferes. Try pasting over a clean copy. If other methods fail, I bet this would work:

    1. Do a File...Save As and save your file with a .rtf ending (Rich Text Format).
    2. Highlight the entire text and push Control-C (to copy)
    3. Open up the thread, Reply to Topic, wait until you get your full edit screen, make sure your cursor is in the body.
    4. Push Control-P (for paste).
  • doodle-v


    well? i've been waiting...

    the suspense is killing me!!!!! I gotta know what happened with Hilary!!!

  • amac

    Forgive me for not reading the entire thread, but to answer the subject questions....probably just as bad as ANY romance novel.

  • minimus

    amac----you don't understand anything???

  • jgnat

    Just goes to show.... read before you leap!

  • doodle-v

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