Poll - Will you accept blood?

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    Bloodless surgery methods add an element of risk that is not there in conventional methods of surgery.

    OC, this is key.

    Thank you for informing. The exJW community needs this, and you fill this need here on JWN.

    Bless you, my sister! (If you don't mind me calling you sister, in a very real-world way.)

    xx tal

  • HappyGal

    Ten years ago I had three surgeries in a four month period. The first two with no blood transfusions. (it wasn't needed) The last one with multiple blood transfusions. I am alive today because of it and have no regrets or guilt.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Watchtower calls it bloodless surgery and a some hospitals also call it that. But the proper name for it would be blood management or blood conservation programs. The idea is to have a multi-system and multi-discipline effort to conserve and manage blood loss and blood transfusion use. Simple examples, is like in NICUs the coordination of physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists and others to draw blood at the same time. In a NICU the RT will work with the Nurse and the Nurse will work with the Physician to determine what tests need to be ran in the next couple of hours, so that they only have to draw it once, and determine if any tests would be redundant and could be skipped. In CICU or SICU it is making sure that the surgeons and physicians are the ones that are available to write orders and not just relying on the hospitalist or medical director, who may know very little about the case to write orders for them. The programs are to take in everyone on the patient care team to make sure that there is good coordination, communication and execution in order to limit blood loss.

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    Richard Oliver

    You speak a lot of technical jargon. WTF are you saying?

    Your NICU example is far from simple.

    Here's simple: You have a traumatic blood loss - you need transfusions.

    Here's simple - You have leukemia, the only solution other than DEATH is a blood transfusion.

    Are you for real?

    Edit: : EVERY surgical team tries to minimize blood loss. Your description of NICU procedures reeks disgustingly of JW propaganda ... are you a JW doctor? I think everyone reading this thread should take your words with a 'grain of salt'. I'm done.

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    I am not saying that it is simple. I am just saying that most hospitals with these programs don't call it bloodless surgery. It is blood management or blood conservation. And that the hospitals that have these programs make a conscious effort in reducing blood transfusions. Even the American College of Thoracic Surgeons have reduced the hemoglobin level that should auto-trigger a blood transfusion when it comes to protocols.

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    Does every thread have to devolve into Richard Oliver's diarrhea of the keyboard where he just types and types and takes it away from the topic into mind-numbing arguments over semantics and minor details?

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    7 years ago I was in hospital & I was aproached by the staff as the records showed I was still a JW. I had that reference removed & had the records show that I WOULD accept blood as a last resort. The staff had approached rather nervously & when I confirmed I was no longer a JW, there was a huge relieve on the faces of the staff, the atmosphere in the room immediatley changed.

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    Dub, aside from your remarks about RO, can you reply to his post or to the Topic?

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    All my point was, most hospitals who have programs like this do not call it Bloodless Surgery or Bloodless Medicine. They call it now Blood Management or Blood Conservation program because the hospitals take a multi-discipline strateg that hospitals are using to reduce blood loss and blood use.

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