Any thoughts on the real reasons for droppng the 'school"

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  • stillin
    There is an art to linking the letter. Anybody? Art linkletter?
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    too much thinking involved prerecorded lesson heavily scripted better for indoctrinating rank and file to pull more money out of them latter.
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    Well, one week to go until we see the jaw-dropping letter read. It has to be legit, it is all over Cedars website at jwsurey. After you watch his video, he mentions that he has a supposed contact in the Borg. If that is the case, it has to be someone really high-up, because you must be sure that only a mere handful of people know about this. WoW!!
  • Ruby456

    I certainly don't know about the school being dropped - but then the last time I went to a midweek meeting was years ago

    edit: even if this is true (it prolly is) it won't mean that much to the regulars as they are used to having their format re receiving spiritual food change. its production may also continue to change shape to reach more people with more easily understood material. this will become more pronounced as most of it will probably be delivered via the internet as the main engine to keep on replacing book and mag production. and perhaps books and mags will still be produced but reserved for areas that don't have internet yet.

    Most other religions are mutating because of the internet and most becoming more successful in the process so why not Jehovahs witnesses. the time may come when most of the spiritual food will be received at home!!!!!


    Any thoughts on the real reasons for droppng the 'school"

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  • Listener

    On Cedars video he suggests that it is someone within Bethel has leaked the information and makes an address to the GB stating that they have Brothers at Bethel who are prepared to leak information and to remember that these are people that they sit down to a meal to eat with.

    Surely the letter has already been printed and ready to send out, I don't see why someone in the printing department, who isn't high up, would not have easy access to this.

  • Ruby456

    lol at outlaw

    thanks listener - I went over to cedars site and have updated my post above

  • Aleph

    Actually, IMHO changing this meeting is a good thing for a long time

    ...I m calling this a waking up!

    Becoming a treasure hunter is more motivating than "Ministry school", and since elder now are supposed to go to school, not so motivating for them either to do the babes again ....

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    I wonder if it is to avoid DBS (used to be CRB) checks which surely must be necessary with the word school in the title. Any convicted paedophile within the congregation would fail and therefore not be permitted to attend that meeting. I don't believe it is the cost of the check because there is no way the society would pay members would.

    Whatever the reason it is was the most boring of all the meetings and you knew who had a part because with certain people it was the only time they turned up.

    Our meetings in Spain were invariably shorter because there were not enough bros to take the parts and even though small congs were allowed to use sisters they never did.

    Whatever the reason it will be to benefit the society the most or to inconvenience it the least in complying with secular authority.

  • Ruby456

    I totally agree with you Amelia.

    In general I think religions don't live in a vacuum of direct spirituality from God - they morph and change as culture and society change which indicates that they are man-made. Where I seem to differ from everyone else here (reason I think am flagged here) is that I see religion as part of humanity's riches even if they generate huge controversies and some of us are losers. I would suggest to those who can - trying your hardest to minimize your losses and move on.

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