Any thoughts on the real reasons for droppng the 'school"

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  • fukitol

    I'd like someone to post all the printed reasons given over the decades for why the theocratic misery school was so important. Then think about why that is now discarded.

    The main justification was to train brothers to become good public speakers, like your local toastmasters club. It was meant to be an MS and elder producing factory.

    But why continue to have a toastmasters style public speaker producing sausage factory when the number of public speakers needed will be drastically less when 50% of the kingdom halls are sold off and congregations will be combined with meetings held in bigger facilities (many more meetings will be in RENTED facilities like school halls, assemblies style - you heard it first from me)? And when talks will increasingly be by TV link up.

    Anyway, the society knows that the best public speaking mostly comes naturally. It's a talent. You dont need to be 'schooled' in it (which all other churches know). You can learn the basics of confident public speaking in about 10 mins. There's loads of good tips instantly available online.

  • Vidiot

    JWdaughter - "I think there will soon be just one meeting a week."

    I've suspected that for some time, now, too.

    Care to start a betting pool as to when? :smirk:

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