Any thoughts on the real reasons for droppng the 'school"

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  • Crazyguy
    They don't want people to read the Bible, newbie don't want to be apart of witnessing or public speaking.
  • Island Man
    Island Man

    Correct me If I'm wrong, but the school hasn't actually been dropped - only radically changed/simplified and renamed.

    Reason for the change? I think the lack of brothers has a big part to play in it. Because school assignments will now be in the form of preaching presentations and not instructional talks teaching the congregation, it means that a presentation given to a brother can easily be substituted by a sister. So a shortage of males in a congregation poses less of a problem in terms of finding a substitute.

    Another reason for the change - or at least the timing of it - is to serve as a consoling distraction to some of the negative news swirling around Watchtower at present re poor handling of child abuse and financial difficulties. They have to keep up appearances that the chariot is still move ahead full speed, and thus the org. still has Jehovah's blessing even though they're actually mired in problems.

    "Pay no attention to the turmoil at Bethel! Look at the shiny new meeting arrangements we've prepared for you."

  • prologos

    They really do not want to train new males. Males will be competition, if there are enough of them, and the establishment is steering toward monopoly by providing all the teaching via wire, to an eviscerated congregation, mainly made up of fawning females.

    as it is, brilliant 'all grade a' jw students are now getting only interminable bible reading assignments. wt does not want to continue to train public speakers, their only useful function they ever had, really. and:

    they do not want independant bible reading focussed on "gems" like talking snakes, Everest + floods ~2015 bc, talking asses, floating axes walking on water, sun standing still, reversing ---. no. search only for answers to our questions you are allowed to answer from now on.

  • brandnew

    Teee Heee said dying in the ass......pfffffft...pbbbbssssttttt


    good 1

  • prologos

    brandnew --- that is why I like to quote from the classic NW rendition. My green one even has dinosaurs in the Sahara. This stuff speaks volumes about the state of knowledge of the original writers, and wt wants to hide all this, for their doctrine structure is based on that. build on sand written by the sand (desert dwellers). their question monopoly move: out of sight, out of [controlled] minds.

  • millie210

    The "new breed" of JW doesnt seem to support the school like the old timers did.

    I have read here and in other places that some think the school was the best part of being a JW as far as really learning anything - how to do public speaking for instance.

    In recent years, people dont show up for assignments, dont call ahead, etc. The various Halls around here had to abandon their 2nd schools due to lack of support for the arrangement.

    The Org doesnt dare let anything look terminally ill. They have to jump in and "change" or "spin" it so that the appearance of being a busy and thriving Org is maintained.

    So bye bye school and hello workbooks!

  • Quarterback
    I would say the reason for rebranding the school is because of the dropouts. You had students in that school that lasted longer than a person who had to go to school to become a Dr. The students had worked on every counsel point with flying colours, only to find themselves being tested again with a failing mark from the Counselor. It was the Merry-go-round that lasted for decades. It started as a hidden agenda to allow women to teach in the congregation then ended with everyone crying, "Enough already".
  • Witness 007
    Witness 007
    Meetings and bookstudy have been the same since Nathan Knorr and Franz took over in the bookstudy/school is gone and brothers have gone back to street cart witnessing. Pioneer hours reduced blood fractions are fine.
  • Quarterback
    Another reason for dropping that school is because no one could explain that, "Generation", thing. The GB body decided to quit while ahead, before someone asked the question, "What is a Householder? Is it someone who holds a house? Why are Householders, females?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim


    Wait, what??? Are they dropping the Theocratic School??

    yes, it sure appears that way. We just have to wait until confirmation when the letter is officially read to the rank and file next Sunday.

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