I want to know more about you. REALLY!

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  • Had Enough
    Had Enough

    Hi Jst2laws: Feeling a little slighted too (dig,dig,) Just had to throw that in.

    I too like knowing something about the person writing a response or starting a thread. I try sometimes going back to other posts they've made where they mention something personal about themselves so I can relate better to what they're trying to say in a new post.

    (I've even been tempted to ask: who really is this Fredhall? But I just waited and read more until ...duh the lights went on)

    (I enjoy reading yours btw jst2laws.)

    Here's me:

    Had Enough (all I can say for now to protect myself-see 'status')

    Inactive and non-attender for 2 years. Have an still-active daughter, sibling and mom, a da'd son and a non-JW husband

    Approx Age:
    middle aged (whatever that is)

    Raised in org.from birth in Canada. Father was an elder (a kind one). Occasionally pioneered. Married to an elder and had 2 children. Divorced and re-married a non-JW. Had family in Bethel.

    Coming here to start to heal from shock of finding out all I ever believed in and was proud of, is false, and heal from power-wielding elders, and being able to lose the guilt of bothering people who don't want to be bothered by JW's

    Arrogant JW bullies who take delight in sarcasm and kicking a person when they're down in the name of doing God's will. JWs enforcing df'ing restrictions; df'ing repentant ones; all the misinterpretated scriptures and rules twisted to fit the situation.... and did I mention df'ing?

    Fears and Frustrations:
    Wanting to inform my active family of what I've learned but can't because they're all "by-the-book devotees of the borg" so I risk being df'd for speaking out so I don't. I need my family right now.

    Enjoying life now, and my friends and grandchildren and more to be enlarged on later.

    Perhaps will divulge more as time goes on.

    Had Enough (of feeling pressured and secondclass)
    Like Kramer on Seinfield says: "I'm out there Jerry and I'm LOVIN' it!!!"

    PS to outnfree: Caught your message to me about my name. Glad you like how I sometimes sign-off. See you're using it too. I like it

  • 7robert7

    Intense love describes what I feel for those caught on the inside, starting with my wife. She hasnt been baptized as of yet so I hope there is still time.

    When one finally sees Gods true message of love, (not the societies version of it), it overwhelms you.

    There are nights where I just cant sleep, thinking of all these wonderful people, and yes I have met some truely sweet people through my wifes Kingdom Hall, that deserves so much more then what the society allows them to have.

    The Kingdom of Heaven is open to all, not some, but all. I was never a witness, but have seen some of the damage that families that I've known over the years, had suffered at the hands of the orginization.

    Imagine knowing that what is being spoken is not of God, but having to bite your tongue out of love and respect for your wife and her family.

    Jesus Christ scolded the Pharisees for "shutting the doors of heaven to others, when in fact they themselves were the ones who wouldnt enter." Could it be any more clear that the Society is emulating the very religious leaders that Jesus warned us against.

    Anyways, here my bios:
    Eyes:Piercing Blue
    Status: Married, and still deeply and romantically in love after 7 years.
    Fav music: Rap, classical, Celtic, Blues, Soul, Gospel, R&B, and techno.
    Fav food:Chinese
    Fav season: Desert summers
    My true loves: Jesus, my wife, my kids, total strangers, in that order.
    Faith: Born again, and walking in the spirit.
    Residence: Willowick, Ohio.
    Fav Books: Anything by C.S Lewis of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe fame. Or maybe Narnia rings a bell. These are the most fantastic books ever.

    I pray that your transitions out of the Society are smooth and trouble free. And if you ever need to talk, or need encouragement please write me, so that I can cry with you and share in your pain.

    Intense love is awesome, you'll know you have it when ya start crying for no obvious reason, and of course they will be tears of joy.

    Boy do I sound corny or what? Especially for a guy.

  • larc

    Name: Larc
    Approximate Age: 60 years, 6 months
    Height: 6ft., wt. 180lbs
    Gray hair and beard, hazel eyes
    Music: Hard rock, classical, blue grass
    Food: Everything, especially if Zazzu my concubine cooks it, a gormet cook
    Author: Mark Twain
    Poet: Robert Frost
    Hobby: Anything investigative - family history, research in applied psych.
    Books: nonfiction - new, to me, stuff
    JW history: raised in it, pioneered, gave public talks, accepted at Bethel, married my wife instead, we faded away together after our marriage at the KH.
    Favorite way to reduce stress: watch stand up comedy
    Favorite excersise: anything that involves sitting or lying down on a couch

    Hi Ho Silver Awaaaaaaay

  • Mommie Dark
    Mommie Dark

    Hi there, jst2laws.

    Mommie Dark's history is available at Free Minds Inc. in the section titled 'Rose's Cantina'. Mommie Dark has a little corner in the Cantina where she tells True Scary Stories of her JW life. So if you would like to see inside Mommie's head, try there first.

    I'll fill in your list since you ask:

    Name: Mommie Dark aka Lynn Atwood

    age: 47 in a couple of months

    Sex: female human (with pit bull genetic stock, LOL)

    current temporal location: Corntown, middle USA

    family status: Married to Papa Dark, boy genius. Three sons, ages 23, 24, and 9. Of nine siblings, three brothers and one sister still speak to me. The other five are either dubs or believing walkaways who hate my outspokenness against the cult. (My darling sister is at home under hospice care for cancer. Death is an old acquaintance of ours, and we are preparing to meet him again, we hope NOT too soon, but so far she is WAY more resigned than I to this meeting.)

    dislikes: authoritarianism, fearmongering; ignorant smug arrogance in cultists

    likes: most everything I don't dislike!

    music: the 10% of all genres that isn't crap. Currently I've been listening to Fatboy Slim (LOVE that new video with Walken dancing...), classic Traffic, lotsa Mozart, ICP, Barenaked Ladies, Cleo Laine, and the soundtrack to 'Brother, Where Art Thou?'

    books: Mommie is a literature omnivore. If it holds still, I'll read it...

    poetry: Jong, Plath, cummings, Thomas, Blake, and other mad human conduits

    hobby: researching crackpot conspiracy theories and using them as fodder for storytelling.

    favorite food: Papa Darks' Melting Uranus Chili (tm)

    favorite tv show; That's My Bush on Comedy Central, Becker on CBS (a tie)

    current most time-consuming pastime: Trying to live a semi-normal life with progressive degenerative arthritis and tendinitis. Finding perspective through a filter of increasing pain. Learning to cope with the growing invisibility of disability (having recently been spoken around by a public servant as if my cane rendered me stupid or deaf... what a humbling experience! I wonder how our friends in wheelchairs maintain good cheer in the face of this idiocy?)

    OK that's enough about Mommie. If you want to know more, ask. Otherwise, poke me with that fork, I think I'm done...

    as always,
    Mommie D.

  • somebody

    ok..here is a more serious profile for ya, jst2laws.

    Name: Gwen

    Approx Age: 40

    Sex: It's a great, fun way to avoid other issues. gender, female.

    Background: Catholic from the age of 1-6, Protestant from 6-8, JW from 8-18. Walked out of a KH at 18 and didn't want to join membership to any religion at all. I consider myself a Christian, not a religion.

    Likes: Working, reading,my computer, zev.

    Dislikes: Practicing handing people over to satan (i.e. disfellowshipping).

    Current Status: Very much alive.

    Hobbies: gardening

    Philosophy: screw it! ( that's not a curse, is it? )

    Favorite Scripture: "Jesus said to him: " I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you men had known me, you would have known my Father also; from this moment on you know him and have seen him. " John 14: 6,7


  • Yerusalyim

    NAME: Yerusalyim (some people call me Michael, my wife calls me lots of things, some I can't repeat in this forum)

    AGE: 36.9

    SEX: One of my favorites...oh, male

    LOCATION: Currently in my chair at the office...oh, the office is at Ft Campbell, KY

    HOBBIES: JW.COM and Sex (but only with my wife)

    STATUS: NEVER Been a JW, went to some meetings with my wife (actually I've been more than she has in the last year, but then again she's thinking of converting, not really a JW anymore I guess).

    OCCUPATION: Professional Soldier - Chaplain Assistant Future History teacher in the making.

    Favorite Food: ITalian

    Favorite Women: Latinas

    Favorite Position: DOGGIE STYLE

    Favorite Color: I'm honestly not sure, but I go for the more conservative things. Green works at work though.

    Church: Active Catholic (hoping to become a deacon some day)

    QUOTE: "I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrious"

    There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
    Shakespere: Hamlet

  • orbison

    greetings had enough
    what part of canada are/were you in?


  • mommy

    Hey Jst2Laws,
    I posted to you a few times, but my posts never made it to the board. I will try this again and see if this works.

    name~Wendy, but hear Mommy more
    age~ 26
    birthday~ July 24, 1974
    birthplace~ Rochester, New York
    current residence~ Great Smokey Mountains, North Carolina
    marital status~ Yes, it is a status to some. I think love is more important.
    children~ Miranda soon to be 7, and Timothy soon to be 6
    hobbies~ Cross stitching, computer life, talking to friends, enjoying my children, cooking, driving, walking in the woods, camping, letting my hair down and having a good time.
    religuos history~ Raised in the Jw faith, left home at 16 but continued in faith until 18, baptized just a month or two before 18th bday for all the wrong reasons. Left the org shortly after baptism(couldn't stand to feel like a hypocrite)I looked into other religions, including the pentacostal faith, which I participated in for several years. Decided that no religion was appealing to all of my beliefs, and decided to take what I had liked from all of the religions and worship God alone. Recently I have been questioning my belief in God's existence, as a lifeform. I still have a deep love and need to have God in my life. But as go through more and more through life, I wonder if this strentgh doesn't come from us to begin with, and we attach the label of God to it. I do not belief all of the teachings of the bible, but I do some, and receive great comfort from the words spoken in there.
    philosophy~ I couldn't pick one, I don't think that I could explain how I get through every day. I draw on them in times of need though. I just try to treat others as I would like to be treated, and try to understand everyone, as they are, and what they have to give.
    favorite food~ Spaghetti
    favorite scripture~ Matthew 10:30
    perfume~ Oscar de la Renta
    favorite movie~ Running on empty and Violets are blue
    Favorite song~ Enough of me- Melissa Ethridge, and Nobody- Kieth Sweat

    Ok I think that is it for now, My eyes are going buggy, heehee Thanks to everyone who posted, it is very interesting to read, and thanks Jst2laws for the thought.

  • jst2laws

    Overwhelming! This is great. Keep it up. Just reading about you all has been touching and sometimes humorous. I am copying this to my hard drive, but hope someone who is good at it will make it all handy for us someday.

    If you, the reader, haven’t yet done so others might be looking for your profile.


  • think41self

    Hi Just2,

    Thanks for asking about us, and telling us about yourself. I was raised a witness, married one, had 2 children plus inherited 2 from his previous marriage. Was a good little dub, raising my kids in it, hubby an elder, all my extended family were too. In the past 5 years, things started to go very wrong in my life. I kept waiting for Jah to bless all my efforts, and it just wasn't happening. Then a lot of things happened in the space of a year, and I began to realize that God wasn't going to help me, I was going to have to do it myself.

    So I divorced hubby, lots of reasons, quit going to meetings, met another lifelong JW who was coming out of a bad marriage, we hit it off....and the rest, as they say, is history! We've been together almost 2 years now, DF'd that long, and we and our kids are doing great:>

    Height: 5'8 1/2
    Weight: None of your damn business;)
    Brown eyes, brown hair
    38 years young:)
    Hobbies: Sailing,crocheting,movies,computer,travel
    Favorite place, so far:Las Vegas!! Hubby took me there for our honeymoon, and I had a BLAST! Love those slot machines.
    Religion: Been there, done that, ain't going back
    Philosophy:"The world is my country, and to do good is my religion."
    Courtesy of that great free-thinker, Thomas Paine
    Kids:2 boys, 15 and 16, one stepson 15..and 2 stepdaughters 22 & 18.
    Fav Perfume: RED
    Current residence: West coast of Florida.

    Enjoyed reading everyone else's bios, keep 'em coming!


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