I'm Catholic and madly in love with a Jehovah Witness...

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  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    I'm still unsure if marrying someone out of the Borg is an automatic disfellowshipping offense. I know the Borg's elders have different understanding of ''brazen conduct'' and what not pertaining to associating with NonJw's. I still believe it's how the local JW gestapo elders perceive the situation and discipline accordingly, whether it's just just a marking or the ultimate punishment in that of disfellowshipping.
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    I married a JW 20 years ago. She was unjustly (according to circuit overseer) reproved. So soon after, her privileges were reinstated. Life for newly married may not be as easy now that their Bible has been changed, as another poster mentioned. Back to my life.

    1. Biggest regret: I let my children be raised in the cult. They missed in a lot of great things: sports, celebrations, friends, school activities, etc, and I kick myself for that. The worst thing I have ever done in my life, by far, is to let my daughter be imprisoned by the cult through her baptism.
    2. Second biggest regret, I have to split my wife with "Jehovah" They spent a lot of time in that religion. It's near impossible to plan full weekends with them. Always meetings and preaching take precedence..

    Good things:

    1. She will be a faithful wife, not because you are a great lover, but rather because God demands it... I know, it's not an ego boosting faithfulness.
    2. My children were raised in an environment that was quite clean; no drugs, alcohol, cursing, sexual innuendos

    Whatever you do, be wise; it's a must at your age. Do as much research as you can. The Jehovah's Witnesses are members of a cult and behave as such. Don't be fooled by appearances. If she remains in, you are screwed. If she gets out, she is screwed, and you too, by association.

    Go for it, if you both love each other very much, but you are definitely marrying into a cult that believes that very soon you will be destroyed for belonging to the false religion.

  • DesirousOfChange

    A man or woman who is madly in love is not about to see reason.

    When a man achieves an erection, the blood from his brain drains to his penis rendering him unable to reason rationally, since it is physically impossible for both heads to function at the same time due to the lack of blood flow.

    Good luck, Luge! If I had a gal 20-something years younger ready to hop in the sack with me, I'd tell all these doom-and-gloomers to go to hell!


  • Luge62

    Again I would like to thank everyone for their comments and advise. It is deeply appreciated. I wish at least one present JW would voice their opinion.

    LMFAO Doc

  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Luge 62

    In fairness to my wife, she is a wonderful woman, I love her very much and she makes my life with the cult quite bearable because she has never been a hard core JW. It seems that your girlfriend is not a hardcore JW. So there's hope for you.

    Regarding getting someone "spiritually in" to give a comment, I doubt you will get anyone here. But I can surmise that they will describe a rosy scenario for you... as long as you are in too. And I think that it is possible to be very happy as long as both are mentally and physically in. The problem is that the internet is rapidly drawing people away from cults, so the chances of faithful JW happy couples are shrinking.

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam

    She will feel happy for a month or two. Then, when she gets used to you, she will miss her family that will not speak to her. She will miss her whole tight circle of JW friends. They will not speak to her or acknowledge her. They consider this a loving arrangement. Depression will set in, and she will eventually blame you for everything, even though you may not be the cause. If you go into this, prepare for horrible events to come your way. So sorry to tell you this, but it always happens. If you end up marrying her, I advise you enroll in psychology classes to keep you sane and knowledgable on who you really are. Prepare for psychological sessions with a professional for both of you. If she is mentally strong, then she should be able to forget her family and the circle of friends she has been culturing all her life, this will take years, many years. You will need grand patience if you sentence yourself to years of personal grief, and negative emotional stress. Pray to whoever you believe in, that she does not become suicidal. My opinion? Do not get dragged into this, and just keep her as a friend, or girlfriend that lives separately from you. Give her support and treat her like a human being, even during the times that she grows to loath you for taking her family, and friends. People always tend to place fault on others, when they ruin themselves, and if she stays in the JW disorganization, then she will grow to blame you and consider you the filth of the earth, in her eyes, you will die in Armagedon. They are right, this is a Cult! Value yourself for the good person that you are and don't adopt problems.

    So sorry and welcome

  • _Morpheus
    Current jw here. I stand by what i said previously
  • naazira

    A JW would not say anything bad about the other witness to your face. But online they would tell you that she is disobeying Jehovah God, because she would not be marrying in the lord. You two are unevenly yoked. They may say that you, a non believer, can take a stand for Jehovah and tell her that she should be doing things God's way. They would not blame you, because you don't know any better because you aren't in the "truth" (true religion). But you can save her from being destroyed at Armageddon if you Sign up for a bible study and get baptised.

    I'm curious how did the 2 of you meet?

    And welcome

  • Aprostate Exam
    Aprostate Exam
    They will blame you which is guided by satan in their eyes, and her. You are considered filth and she will be considered a dog that has gone back to eating its own vomit. These JW's have no compassion for their own people, much less you (a worldly person in their eyes, dead and future bird food). They try to outdo each other with the clothes they wear to the assembly, and buy brand new cars that they can't afford, to keep up with Brother X. While their own children are emotionally disturbed and sexually abused. Bastards!!!!
  • berrygerry

    Simon: You should have a sticky -

    "Help. I'm in Love with a Dub"

    and a follow-up sticky -

    "Help. I Married a Dub and Never Realized ... What Should I Do?"

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