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  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    The latest research article published at AJWRB estimates the number of Jehovah's Witnesses who have died from following or being coerced to follow Watchtower's blood policy. The numbers are staggering.

  • Dunedain

    You see, its THIS kinda stuff above, that could actually take this evil organization, that preaches institutionalized murder, out of the game.

    I know a lot of us would LOVE to sue this org for their unfair JC, and DFing, and their kangaroo "court". Yet, its the blood doctrine, that is what could, and should finish off this death cult.

    The many loved ones that have lost their innocent lives, for a false doctrine, pushed by an evil organization, intent on creating "martyrs", should never be forgotten. The surviving loved ones who have lost family, and children to this evil, should sue the shit outta this death corporation.

    Especially now that they allow certain blood parts, and certain fractions, and this part is good, but this part is bad. Its ridiculous. So, unfounded, and not based in scripture, in any way shape or form.

    Sue this crap out of these clowns for taking Mothers, and Fathers, brothers and sister, and innocent children, away.

    The nation of Israel used to condemn the "demonic" ritual of Baal worship, and how the worshipers would sacrifice their children to the fire for Baal. Well, what are JW's doing when they "sacrifice" their own children, to the BLOOD god, and evil Watchtower Blood gods.

    Sue them into bankruptcy! Sue them into destruction! Bring this to the attention of all who will listen. Fight for the voices who can no longer speak. Those who died, for a money hungry, organization, that could care less about its members. Its a death cult, and the Elders on the blood committees that would threaten DFing if blood was used, are simply just EXECUTIONERS in suits and ties.

    Their sins have amassed high unto the heavens indeed.

  • Listener

    Dunedain, I hear you loud and clear.

    If the organization wants to accuse ex Jws of hate speech then let them site your comments as an example and see what sort of sympathy that incites.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    It doesn't sound like hate speech. Sounds like anguish....

    The WT has said that apostates are mentally diseased. They make Ecoli burgers so that you die from listening from them. That is labeling and hate speech.

    Saying that they have changed from no blood to random fractions of blood, is true. Those that have died from the past of no blood, might well be alive today if they had accepted fractions.

    There was a JW father who needed a kidney transplant. He didn't put himself on the list to receive one. Why? From 1969 to 1980 getting a transplant was likened to being a cannibal. And would God accept someone like that? He was too afraid of not being in the Paradise with his family to get a transplant. He died leaving 4 children and a wife behind. Not long after, the Wt. made it a "matter of conscience" How many others like him died because of their rules?

  • Ruby456

    ajwrb - I'm pretty certain that percentages of chance and probability do not work like that and there is something wrong with your calculations. even one death is horrendous but you need to get your figures right. I do apologise if I have got this wrong

    basing my question on this from your website where you extrapolate from Dr. Muramoto's figures - bolding mine. It means that the chance is that 0.01 died and not 1 out of every hundred.

    Dr. Osamu Muramoto, MD – AJWRB Medical Adviser
    In 2001, Dr. Muramoto used a study by Kitchens CS: Are transfusions overrated? Surgical outcome of Jehovah’s Witnesses. It was published in the February 1993 issue of “The American Journal of Medicine on pages 117-119. The study was based on 1404 “bloodless” surgeries performed on Jehovah’s Witnesses, and showed that 1.4% of these patients died to a lack of blood as either a primary or contributing cause of their death. Simply stated, this means that every time a JW had “bloodless surgery” their chance of death was 1.4% greater due to refusing blood.In an abundance of caution, Dr. Muramoto elected to round down this figure to 1% to allow for some who may have died anyway, so stated another way he determined that for every one hundred “bloodless” operations on Jehovah’s Witnesses, one death could be attributed to blood refusal.
    At that time the American Association of Blood Banks reported that approximately 4 million patients received blood transfusions from 12.6 million units of donated blood every year. That meant that 4 million or 15 of every 1000 Americans had conditions requiring blood each year.
    There were about 1,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses in the United States at the time, so approximately 15,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses would have had conditions that would normally require a blood transfusion. If their rate of death increased by 1% due to blood refusal, this means that about 150 Jehovah’s Witnesses died that year in the United States due to observing Watchtower’s blood prohibition.
  • Chook

    I honestly think security for the men who enforce these doctrines needs increasing. Imagine the child of a father looses his life on the issue ( blood fractions,organ transplants ) which the wt later changed direction, this child gets older and want to vent his anger at religious leaders who stole his dad. The wt popes need some recourse for their death dealing traditions. That's not counting the JWs affected by the no vaccine policies of the 30s.

    The trouble with accountability for the wt popes is they say everyone renders a personal account to god and they wash their hands of the cult guilt bestowed apon rank & file. Head office knows they can't abandon the blood issue because of the thousands who have died. Imagine if they changed it to a conscience matter and you had previously lost a child, that's why I say security could be an issue. Big Tony might need a pope mobile.

  • smiddy

    for some reason the tight chest feeling over certain doctrines still hasn't susbsided. I feel so angry at myself for allowing it,

    Arent these figures only taking into account the USA ? whereas deaths have occured all over the world due to Jehovahs witnesses ban on blood transfusions and non acceptance of particular blood components while accepting other blood fractions or components.

    Where in the Bible are such distinctions made as to what blood fraction or component you can use or not use,?

    Its a man made ruling by a group of men who by their own admission are neither inspired or infallible nor spirit directed and can make mistakes.

    And hundreds if not thousands of people have died obeying the dictates of these men over the past 70 decades.

  • jwfacts

    A very good article and the figures calculated are reasonable, erring on the side of caution. I mentioned this on a radio interview recently. Because the deaths happen silently and over a longer span of time, there is not the outrage and attention that Jonestown received, despite the net affect being far higher and ongoing.

  • Ruby456

    jwfacts the problem is that lee elder is extrapolating to say that 150 jehovah's witnesses deaths occurred in one year. this is not a long period of time. do you want to seem foolish to the public by using such figures. they may not tell you so to your face !!!

    the Jonestown deaths were precipitated by a senator looking for votes and the FBI mishandling the situation. everyone know this.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @jwfacts My father used to muse that if people would drop dead after one glass of Coca-Cola, they'd ban the poison. But because the internal decay happens over a long period of time with plenty of variables occurring in each consumer's lifetime, the deaths cannot be measured accurately.

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