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  • darkspilver
    Ruby456: ajwrb - I'm pretty certain that percentages of chance and probability do not work like that and there is something wrong with your calculations. even one death is horrendous but you need to get your figures right. I do apologise if I have got this wrong

    My first reaction, and what is confusing, is that it seems lower than previous posts here addressing this tragedy

  • zeb

    I am just a bit confused here. Why is it so many people are needing all this surgery, accidents with standing.

    But, I have said here in the past that witnesses are in my experience the most unhealthy lot as a group so perhaps its their diet, booze, lounge lizard, sedentary lifestyle and in many cases neuroses (stress) that is the primary problem here. So when an operation becomes necessary ( see the above) the patient is already under stress and unhealthy to start with.

    I am open to reasonable comments.

  • Ruby456

    darkspilver yes that's true. Did Marvin Shilmer multiply 150 per year by however many countries JWS are in - what is it now 211 countries -

  • steve2

    The publicised comparison with the Jonestown massacre gets in the way of a calm assessment of the data. It becomes easier for pro-JW elements to dismiss.

    In my view, the data stands or falls on its own merits and doesn't need to be tarted up with reference to an earlier, unrelated tragedy.

  • John Davis
    John Davis


    What do you want people to sue Watchtower over? Ultimately it is the person's choice if they want to obey that policy or not. Can a Catholic who views abortion is murder no matter what the circumstances, can they sue the Catholic church if they die from a condition that could have been resolved by an abortion? No, we all have to be responsible for our own choices.

    In fact someone tried to sue, not watchtower but tried to sue the hospital to force that they give their husband a blood transfusion. The wife filed suit saying that if her husband died because of not being given a blood transfusion that she and her son would become destitute as he was the only worker in the family. A lower court granted the application so that they would have to give a blood transfusion, but it went to the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and the court there ruled that each person has autonomy over their own body and they can choose what they want to accept or deny.

  • Listener

    John Davis, suing the Watchtower may not achieve anything, the Government allows them too much freedom, a terrible evil and injustice in itself.

    This does not mean that the Watchtower is not responsible because it is along with each member on the Governing Body. What a heavy load they carry.

  • sparrowdown

    The thing is, religious organizations can get away with a lot more - all in the name of freedom of religion.

    The question is why does WT insist on this rule and not just let it be none of their damn business what medical treatments the congregants receive. Why would this issue need to be a do or die deal-breaker for people? The GB could call it all off and call it new light but they don't, why not? There is something more than "bible command" at play here.

  • stuckinarut2

    Well said steve2!!!

    I agree

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Hello Ruby 456. The calculation you bring up (150 deaths per year) is not mine. Its from Dr. Muramoto, M.D. It refers to deaths during the year 2001, and just in the U.S. where "bloodless medicine" is performed at a advanced level. There were approximately 6 millions JWs worldwide at that time. 150 x 6 = 900 worldwide deaths in 2001, and these are just deaths related to elective surgery without blood. They do not include deaths from trauma, blood disorders or childbirth. Actual numbers are certainly higher. The numbers have been presented at a major medical conference, and carefully reviewed by capable researchers working with AJWRB. They will stand up to scrutiny.

  • Lee Elder
    Lee Elder

    Zeb: The basis for Dr. Muramoto's extrapolation is carefully explained and referenced. Read those research articles, do your own research, and see what you come up with. You will find we have presented a very conservative estimate.

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