Are the GB very intelligent men with higher than average IQ? Or are they stupid men who were put in their position by sheer “LUCK”

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  • Stealth
    Luck + butt kissing
  • Feloidea

    I would rather say that the JW religions structure and doctrine by itself, sort out and favor individuals with a certain special kind of personality to the highest governing positions. Men with lack of empathy, uncritical thinking, self-righteous, lack of self-knowledge, overstated self-image are the individuals that are benefited in the JW-world of selection.

    The JW religions narcissistic traits are reflected in its top management.

  • sparrowdown

    The GB were put in their jobs by indoctrination.

    The one thing all JWs have in common - regardless of their "position."

    These GB members are not evil geniuses or particularly talented just indoctrinated men who by luck and ass-kissing managed to get to the top of the heap of other indoctrinated men.

  • Sabin

    They are Chameleons changing their colour to suit their environment in order to survive, thus using natures protection they can remain invisible to their enemies, yet sneak up on unsuspecting insects. They are the perfect invisible predator. They hide who they really are & mask their true intentions from their victims for long periods of time. They make use of the fact that for most people the delivery of the message is more important than it`s content. A confident, aggressive delivery packed with fancy jargon, clichés makes up for the lack of sincerity coupled with the believe that they are truly special beyond everyone else & thus deserving they have no conscience about taking what they want, what effect their decisions will have on others, especially those at the bottom of the pile who in their opinion will not be getting through Armageddon anyway. Narcissistic people will worry for the attention they will take from them, anxious people will find them comforting many will find them exciting to be around.

    High IQ - some of them sure.

    Stupid - No. They are to calculating to be stupid.
    Luck - I doubt it. If you know how to play the card game & know the cards that the others hold & are prepared to cheat, need I say more.

    How ever you look at it honest people wether they stay or leave are aware that something is very wrong at the top.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Are the Governing Body of the WT wickedly smart with extremely high IQ or are they leaders of the WT because they were at the Right Place at The Right Time.

    I don't think they are the "leaders" of the WTS any more than Queen Elizabeth controls what happens in Britain.

    Example: Consider the letter (or 4 pages, where only page #1 was read to the R&F) that came out about Congs sending in all of their "excess" funds to the WTS. In a matter of days they had to reissue a new letter restructuring how they were to announce the resolution to send the funds. Legal kicked their ass for running ahead of "the chariot".

    How about the "Blood Cards" that were sent to Congs several years ago that allowed autologous transfusion but in a matter of days, all POs (COBEs) were told to destroy those cards, the TMS parts was delayed, and new cards were sent out DIS-allowing autologous transfusion.

    The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. The WTS is reactionary. They never are on the offense and taking the initiative. They're too damn dumb (see photo in OP) to do it right the first time.


  • Diogenesister

    I don't think Geoff Jackson is stupid in the sense of a low iQ I think it's probably a little higher than average but as already pointed out his lack of education lets him down & puts him at a disadvantage.

    He almost certainly started out as a genuine believer & missionary in the early days but with time has started to enjoy the kudos of being an "anointed" overeer & the closer to the seat of power he got the more of a brown-nose company man he became. You would have to be something of a non entity to be accepted by the others anyway.

    I believe thats the nicest thing you can say for any of them. There are one or two exeptions like antony morris who probably bullied his way to the top or more likely just out 'hard core witnessed' everybody to earn his position.

    What I find interesting is when these dudes decided they were anointed. I say that because with the younger ones, when they would have got baptised back in the 70's or even early 80's it was almost a given that you had to be really old WW2 generation AT LEAST to be amongst the 144,000. I know that one of the GB only decided he was anointed when be started getting close to the seat of power - maybe it was Ted Jaracz or Jack Barr, anyway the point is it would be interesting to find out. For instance Jackson was baptised at 13 in the early 70's & I really find it hard to believe he immediately claimed to be anointed. I guarantee they get the 'nod from God'only when it becomes apparent that it would be "politically useful" to be of the anointed class. I didn't know anyone under 60 in the 80's who was anointed. It was just accepted that the end being so near the anointed had to be elderly.

    So bright?No. Educated?Never.Calculated careerists ?Yes.

  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
    oh.interesting ...lets to make a test
  • sparrowdown

    Indoctrination has nothing to do with intelligence, it bypasses the rational thinking part of the brain.

  • Diogenesister
    DOC The WTS is reactionary.

    Amen to that!

  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
    yes, they ar intelligents..some of them are smarts.others geniuses

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