Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-16-03 WT Study

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  • happy man
    happy man


    Good littel controvercy is not bad.

    Is is good that you now realsie that some can have dissagrements, widhout that you atack the person, same misstake as JW doing when it comes to this pedofile thing, they atack this peopel how putt out the topic , and forget what it is all about, sad to say.

    I ask my mother today when she was very uppset about that apostates putt out so bigg lies, and try to hurt us badley, that forget the messenger, what is the messege, if we think it is so terrribel that some talk to the media about certan case , and tell they are like judas, what about the wicktims of the sex abuse, someone have some understanding fore ther suffer?

    Think a littel bit about that, instead hunting the peopel how putt this out in daylight.

    I am very disturbd over the blndness in this difficult topic, have no good answer to why it have been like this.

  • minimus

    happyman, you always are attacking Blondie! Just because you don't agree with her points doesn't mean that she's personally going after anyone. Why are you constantly doing this? Maybe you need a little break from this board. And please address WHY YOU ARE HERE ON THIS BOARD. Since you're not supposed to be here anyway, you have no good reason to complain about anything. It's like being told by your doctor not to drink alcohol at all. You drink it. It hurts you. It makes you say dumb things. Then you complain that the alcohol was too strong.You can't have it both ways, Happyman, or else, you will be one sad man.

  • blondie

    Don't worry minimus. He doesn't present any real support or proof for his statements. This is the highest number of views any of my reviews has had, 889 to date. Advertise, advertise, advertise Blondie's reviews, happyman.


  • happy man
    happy man

    Well we have to quite this topic now, it is a missunderstanding that i am atacking blondie, i am not, she atack me beaucause i am here, i have answer why my dear minimus, love and kompasion, fore this how have been badely hurt in the organiaition, and perhaps you dont like that i am here, but it is a free board isnt it?

    I have very difficult to understand your negativity to JW being on this bord, some have say the opposite, they think it is good, i respeckt your wuie, but i dont agree.

    So i will continu to read blondies WT studie comment, and perhaps take upp some bad or same god points, even in the cong.

  • blondie

    It's a free board, happyman, and feel free to disagree. Like I said it will up my ratings. Just remember when counseling me or anyone else that their comments are disloyal to the organization or the GB, that the GB considers your participation here to be serious disloyalty on your part to them and Jehovah God and if discovered, they may disfellowship you.

    Blondie (better to be looked over than to be overlooked--Mae West)

  • Pistoff

    i see in happyman the controlled view that i used to have; we are constantly judged and punished, but of course, only God is the judge.

    the GB is imperfect yes, but if you suggest what those imperfections are, you are DISFELLOWSHIPED NOW.

    happyman, what do you think? If the society is sued, and then responds through their lawyers, will they tell the truth? Will the Society tell the truth through their lawyers, or will they lie and distort the real truth about how the congregations work?

    Let me know, this is a serious question.

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