Comments You Will Not Hear at the 3-16-03 WT Study

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  • minimus

    Happyman, Good for you! Keep on defending the poor Governing Body. I hate in when Blondie picks on them and the organization. She's full of double-talk. I'm glad I'm not like that!

  • jgnat

    Blondie, I think this is one of the most important articles to critique so far. Your message is clear and to the point. The purported message of the article is to love one another. Love is missing from the society. I maintain that the love will not be forthcoming until some fundamental changes are made in the organization. First of all, loving activity would have to be counted on the time card.

  • archangel01

    Not just good work blondie but Great work, go to the cookie jar an have a cookie you've earned it!

    They don't care and they show a false love, you know your not the only one. It happen to me too, it's been months now since I hear from the dubs.No calls, vists etc., it's a big joke and a sham.

  • blondie

    happyman, I am surprised that a brother loyal to the GB would even look at this board, let alone post on it. You are going directly against the counsel of the GB. You are being disloyal by being here at all.

    As to David and the GB, I have these comments:

    First, comparing the GB to David is not an accurate analogy.

    First, David was not anointed to be a teacher of God’s word to the people. The priests had that responsibility.

    David while king was subject to the same laws as all of God’s Israelite subjects. He was guilty of murder and adultery. He tried to coverup his sins. Others had to have known of the adultery, e.g., the servants that brought Bath-sheba to him or the soldiers he ordered to put Uriah into front of the battle would have realized David’s motive when David married Uriah’s widow and Bath-sheba had a child knowing that Uriah had refused to have relations with his wife. His servants knew all this, the soldiers knew all this but did not tell the elders and priests of David’s gross sins. Fear of reprisal kept them from doing so.

    Did David confess his sins to anyone? No, not even to God, until Nathan told him a story and then confronted David with his specific sins. Then and only then did David repent, specifically for his sins not just citing his imperfection as a human. David was not put to death but he suffered greatly, that is other people did. His first son by Bath-sheba was allowed to die. His sons Absalom and Adonijah rose up against the kingship and died. Absalom raped David’s wives in front of the people. Not a pretty picture overall. David’s bloodguiltiness meant he could not build the temple. Later, he conducted a census and thousands died by his choice through no sin of their own.

    The GB never admits their specific mistakes. It is not enough to say I sin. They must acknowledge their specific sins. They shift the blame to others. Because of this others suffer. Whenever I hear someone excuse the GB, I think of what James said:


    Not many of YOU should become teachers, my brothers, knowing that we shall receive heavier judgment.

    minimus, you need a spanking.

    jgnat, the WTS and JWs think they are recording love on their field service slips, the only love that counts towards their receiving everlasting life, riding around in cars calling on people they know aren't home.

    archangel, it is important to recognize false love, but it is important to recognize true love. Look for those who act like Jesus did and would, not the ones who only talk about it.

    Blondie (I saw the light)

  • Blueblades

    Blondie, The problem of" LACK "of Love, is the cancer that is eating the G.B.and those who follow their lead from the inside out.

    I couldn't help but think of how Love is described at First Corinthians:13:1-8 as I was studying your analysis of the WT.lesson for 3/16/03.

    As a former conductor,I realize the amount of effort and time that you put into these articles and the analysis of them for our benefit.

    Blondie this speaks volumes about the LOVE that you have and that you give to all of us.And in this way you have reinforced my convictions concerning the" LACK" of Love that is prevalent inside the Society and that encompasses many of it's followers.Those that are genuine are in the minority and soon leave this heartless loveless organization.

    It's post's like your that helps other's to make the move out.

    Thanks for your labor of Love. Blueblades

  • happy man
    happy man


    I must say i was wery surprised that you atack my person, no man can tell me what to do or not to do, how can forbidd you to wright on suretn sites, it must be upp to your one cosiens.

    I hope you tollerate some critisism, if not you must ask yourslef how you are.

    I think it was a lowpoint of you to tell that GB are men as we all are widh good and bad things, we all now that, do you think they can be like angels, and this is not any defend fore them, i want only to tell this is odernary peopel , if you have hade diffrent expaktaisions, i must say you have no support in the bibel fore that, even the preist was not perfekt, as we no nowane are.

    Ofcourse some of what you say is accurte, like this unloving tendens , but i also now a lot of J"WW how are opposite , have you never meet any of them ?

    I think the tendens in the word is unloving, and that have also affekted us, i can tell you that i have seen terribel things inn the word, also from peopel as I have stand very near, anf how have betrade mee terribel and hurt mee badley, only beaucause they can earn a lot personal on this, I have two pepoel working fore me how <i learnd evrything and help in evry way, from they finished school, and they quite and start ther one firm ant try to kill mee and my firm, as I say, we have no love and caring spirit anymore, and this have also affeckted us as JW sad to say, and I dont think it depend on Gb , is is perhaps teh result form evel powers as we all now must come.

    So i hope you also in the future can tollerate critisism, and look at yourself widh littel less ego.

    widh love from HM

  • blondie

    Happyman, the criticism for being on this discussion board is from the GB not me. They have warned and warned loyal JWs not to go to apostate sites like this. This you know very well if you have been reading all the publications, attending all the meetings at the kingdom hall, assemblies and conventions and listening carefully to what the GB has said about the internet. If the elders in your congregation found out and could prove that you are happyman, the elders would be talking sternly to you and warning you that they could disfellowship you if you continue coming here.

    Might I share some admonition direct from the GB so you can see how dangerous they feel it is for you to be here, happyman.

    11/99 Kingdom Ministry

    p. 3 Use of the Internet—Be Alert to the Dangers!

    Much has been stated in our publications about the obvious spiritual dangers encountered on the Internet.

    In addition to these dangers, there is a more insidious danger that Jehovah’s Witnesses in particular need to be on guard against. What is this danger?

    Would you invite a stranger into your home without first finding out who he is? What if there was no way to find out?

    Would you allow such a stranger to be alone with your children? This is an indisputable possibility on the Internet.

    With this danger in mind, if you use the Internet, ask yourself: ‘What do I use it for?

    Is there a possibility that I could be harmed spiritually by how I am using it? Could I be contributing to the spiritual injury of others?’

    5/1/00 WT

    p. 10 Firmly Uphold Godly Teaching


    Some apostates are increasingly using various forms of mass communication, including the Internet, to spread false information about Jehovah’s Witnesses. As a result, when sincere individuals do research on our beliefs, they may stumble across apostate propaganda. Even some Witnesses have unwittingly exposed themselves to this harmful material. In addition, apostates occasionally take part in television or radio programs. What is the wise course to follow in view of this?


    The apostle John directed Christians not to accept apostates into their homes. He wrote: "If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, never receive him into your homes or say a greeting to him. For he that says a greeting to him is a sharer in his wicked works." (2 John 10, 11) Avoiding all contact with these opponents will protect us from their corrupt thinking. Exposing ourselves to apostate teachings through the various means of modern communication is just as harmful as receiving the apostate himself into our homes. Never should we allow curiosity to lure us into such a calamitous course!—Proverbs 22:3.

    8/1/93 WT

    p. 17 Let No One Spoil Your Useful Habits

    Modern computers have opened other avenues to bad association

    . Some commercial firms enable subscribers using a computer and a telephone to send a message to electronic bulletin boards; a person can thus post on the bulletin board a message that is open to all subscribers. This has led to so-called electronic debates on religious matters. A Christian might be drawn into such debates and may spend many hours with an apostate thinker who may have been disfellowshipped from the congregation. The direction at 2 John 9-11 underscores Paul’s fatherly counsel about avoiding bad associations.

    7/1/92 WT

    p. 19 Elders, Judge With Righteousness


    On the other hand, when members of a judicial committee are confronted with a clear case of remorseless apostasy , willful rebellion against Jehovah’s laws, or sheer wickedness, their duty is to protect the other members of the congregation by disfellowshipping the unrepentant offender . The judicial committee is not obliged to meet repeatedly with the wrongdoer or put words in his mouth, trying to force him to repent, if it is obvious he lacks godly sorrow.

    4/1/83 WT

    p. 24 Reject Apostasy, Cling to the Truth!


    Moreover, if a dedicated servant of Jehovah were to entertain such a deceptive teacher in his home, he would become "an accomplice" in the "wicked deeds" of that person. (The New English Bible) Therefore, no loyal modern-day witness of Jehovah would greet a disfellowshipped or disassociated apostate or allow that one to use his Christian home as a place from which to spread doctrinal error. Surely, there would be grave accountability before God if a believer extended hospitality to an apostate and this resulted in the spiritual death of a fellow worshiper of Jehovah.—Compare Romans 16:17, 18; 2 Timothy 3:6, 7.


  • minimus

    Blondie, Well done!....Happyman, why do you criticize thoughts on this board? As Blondie correctly expresses, YOU should not be here, reading this stuff. ....Bad Happyman, Bad Happyman.,,,,,Now if you are honestly looking to get out of the organization, maybe you need help to figure things out. This board serves a good purpose for this. But if you want it both ways, according to "mother", you're sinning. So "sin no more".

  • happy man
    happy man


    I have to say you surpise mee, when i tell you some things i not agree widh , you start to atack mee fore being here, THIS WAS NOT THE TOPIC WAS IT?

    Is your case so week so you must atack peopel not about the topic and thing you discuss, now you say I can not bee here, WRONG FOCUS BLONDIE.

    If I look on the topp on this site, jehovas wirtneses discussion site, how can i now how are apostates, as you say,, nowan can ever proof that.

    Why can you not atack my wius instead of atack mee, you can do better blondie.

    I have always been a nail inn the eyes to the elders under the 20 years as I was elder, perhapass i now also is a nail in the eye of some peopel, here.

    I have always protest when someone always tell only bad things , if it is wittneses or if it is peopel how leave us as tell this things no diffrece fore mee, they do the same misstake, life isnt blck and white, and as I say, we have also JW who is loving and tender, in evry cong, and we have also the opposite, and if you only told about one side, then you are not hounets, and you now it.

    widh love from HM

  • minimus

    Happyman, this is an APOSTATE site. If you don't want to accept that, you need to go back to elder school. And you should not post here!!!

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