Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

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  • prologos

    5 minutes ago
    why base the certainty of the atheist assumption on such limited knowledge? < 49%?

    I don't.

    I suspect we already know 99.999% of the data that is relevant to the question of gods.

    I assumed when you talk about about 'things" we know or not, you referred to facts that were established by the likes of newton, einstein perhaps even kepler, that had clearly a penchant to embrace a "Deist" concept. even if they refereed to " "the Lord". "the Ancient one" god the tinkerer, in an illustrative way.

    Of course it is easy to bowl down the many unstable puny pin god concepts. (or dragons in the garage), but

    Dealing with the big elephant, the cosmos, is what I like to be enlightened on. beyond 'something from nothing' & 'free lunch universes'.

  • stuffwotifink
    "I can prove the god of theism doesn't exist. I and others have done so many times in this forum. If somebody means something else by god then let's discuss that too."
    I was just now looking through your thread

    And I'd say you do a thoroughly good job of dismantling the notion of any god existing who has omni attributes and is supposed to give even the faintest glimmer of a fuq about mankind. I don't actually believe I've seen someone break down the epicurean problem quite so mercilessly before. We seeminly have zero conflict of opinion there.
    (The christian kerfuffle is hilarious, I'll be going back to continue reading the lulz)

    "As soon as the person posing the question carefully defines what they mean by "god" we can prove beyond all reasonable doubt that it does not exist."

    This is untrue though.
    All you can do in regards to a claim of a god who is either absent or unknowing - is dismiss and scorn. Understandable, but not the proof you offer. [Though I guess the argument would then rest upon what you consider to be proof "beyond all reasonable doubt"]

    I don't believe you to be ironmanning, but it kinda looks like it.
    I don't think it's intentional, or I'd have said so, but it is what prompted my comment.

    I would agree that it is pointless and meaningless to discuss or debate this silent god... However, it would not ipso facto make the god itself pointless or meaningless, just outside of our understanding. Which, after all, one might readily expect from something inhuman.

    For this to render the god itself "pointless" or "meaningless" implies an expectation that the god behave a certain way. An expectation with no basis in regards to any god outside of the theology you refer to.

    It seems like a dismissal upon the basis that the god doesn't meet a theological standard you have already established as flawed.

    If we (rightly) dismiss gods within that theology because of its holes - but also dismiss any idea of a god who fails to meet the standard that same theology sets (because they are absent from, or silent to, mankind).

    We have ourselves in a position where we would dismiss the proposal of a true god, even if such a thing were (or could be) offered.

    The claim that a god can not be disproved is very often smug, but not in the least bit vacuous.

    "I have no idea what point you are trying to make."

    Hope I cleared that up for ya.

  • freemindfade

    Same endless god circle-jerk as always.


  • cappytan

    It's like the theists didn't even read that Carl Sagan article OTWO posted above.

    It makes some extremely good points

  • Twitch

    Does Anyone Still Believe in God?

    I identify with the atheist position in that there is no clear concise evidence of god's existence and by that, I primarily mean the christian theist belief or any that presents a personal god that cares about humanity. There is overwhelming evidence against such a god's existence, thankfully.

    I do consider the idea of an impersonal god that is intrinsic to everything in existence i.e. pantheism. It is more probable than the idea behind theism IMO. An improbability is not an impossibility. The sublime connectedness in things may only be anecdotal to the premise but there is "magic" in our existence at times.

    And it doesn't matter that such a god isn't "worthy" of worship or pointless because you can't have a personal relationship with it. Who says god has to care about you? Seems like a strawman argument using theism as a crutch.

    In any case, there is no hard evidence of such a god, or any for that matter. We humans can't even understand ourselves fully never mind the OS of the universe. Until there is undeniable proof, the matter remains inconclusive to me and I'm fine with that. If belief in god makes you a better person and brings you peace, who am I to say that's a bad thing,

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    I have a friend called Rodney, he wants everyone to be good towards each other, he looks after everyone but dang! The trouble is; he is invisible. As it happens, it was he who created the universe and he told me that he will kill those people who don’t believe in him but for all those who do, they will go into an everlasting paradise.

    Qualitatively and philosophically is there any difference between my psychosis and theism?

  • minimus
    I do. I can't prove anything, but I do....
  • punkofnice
    I don't even believe the Jesus of the bible existed as such. I don't even believe the bible has any worth. I don't believe in lots of things.....and for good reason.
  • cappytan
    Half banana
    Qualitatively and philosophically is there any difference between my psychosis and theism?

    I loved that!

  • punkofnice
    Nana - Noooooo. I actually believe in Rodney. He is not a delusion. HE LIVES!

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