One day assemblies

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Yep ThinkerBelle (love your name)

    Anyway, this got my ire up years ago, when like Apocalypse, and SloppyJoe & many past others pointed out: They "vote" about "giving the extra to the WTBS" before they even get the $$, and say they are in debt!" GGGGGGGGGGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    How much do these AssHalls cost, anyway??? We worked (donated our whole family's time) for a year and a half FREE, as did so many others....

    $24,000 a weekend x's 52 weekends = $1,248,000

    x's 5 years = $6,240,000

    Such blatant rip off artists!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Yes, Cha Ching. When the elders meet to discuss finances, they decide that so much is needed on hand for expenses leading up to the next assembly and (ocassionally) so much is needed for their circuit overseer's new couch or security gate or whatever, and actual expenses (not part of the padded expenses) like new security radios or some kind of thing that you would think are part of the assembly hall but are actually a part of each separate circuit using the hall are tallied in. (If it's stuff only used for the Assemblies, why can't they leave it there and all circuits share it?) After that, they say that after the deficit is met (and it almost always is- certainly if you took their surplus into account, it would be) they should send the rest of the money to Watchtower and to the Assembly Hall (which is also Watchtower). That way, they don't report a bunch of surplus next time.

    So Watchtower charges too high an amount to begin with, then expects any money above and beyond that amount be forked over also instead of giving the members a lower "deficit" next time.

    I was at one of these votes where we voted not to send the "surplus" to Watchtower but to send it to a European Congregation that was in dire straits over some situation. It was perfectly within the rules at the time, and we still paid Watchtower's set bill. It happened, but at the next assembly, we were all chewed out for doing that. "Watchtower will decide how to help out individual congregations." I think, deep down, we knew this would happen but we were glad to help people out and didn't give a damn about being chewed out. But we never did it again.

  • apocalypse

    It's all a bunch of re-baked accounting and mind wash.

    They always announce a surplus. Why?

    So that the dubs are led to believe that whatever the costs announced last time, the monies were received in full... and extra. This is to motivate giving. If JW's were allowed to believe that the convention was shorted, then God's blessing would be lacking. So, it has to look as though Jah blessed it and it overflowed. But not too too much... don't want to let the dubbers think they can slack now and rest on their laurel$.

    When they announce the figure is say $10,000 I am sure they don't get it. Probably get 60% or so. Still a good haul. But they cannot then announce a deficit of $4000 next time. How would that look?

    The first thing the dubs would ask is 'how did we make it through without paying our bill?' The next thing they would ask is 'If we made it through without paying our bill last time, can we do it again?' And then they would ask 'if others aren't paying up... then why should I...?'

    Then there's probably a host of other things that would go through dubber's minds. All of which would prove to be a negative for Watchtower's receivables.

    And speaking of receivables... THAT, my friends, if why they NEVER EVER announce that one delicate number.

    Amount received at our last assembly day.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thx, OnTheWayOut, I am so happy to hear of your rebellion, and the hundred (+/-) or so other men that stood with you!!! Right on!

    It just warms my heart!

    cha ching!

  • cofty

    I remember we voted at a pre-assembly elder's meeting to spend money on new white goods for the circuit flat - washing machine etc. Then we also agreed to purchase some new kitchen equipment for assembly catering and a few other bits of equipment so the three parts of the circuit didn't have to share everything. This was back around the late 80s.

    Since we had a healthy surplus in the circuit account it made sense to spend some of it on stuff that was needed.

    Following the assembly every congregation got a letter saying the assembly had a deficit and there was an amount per publisher we were supposed to ask the congregation to donate. They had included the capital spending as assembly running costs. Our body of elders chose not to read the letter and sent nothing additional to the circuit fund. It was my first clue that the organisation were crooks.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Thank you Cofty! You have restored my hope in human kind!

  • sporece


    $12000 to $22000 a day. Most of the assembly halls have no mortgages on it, they are paid for already.

    So how in the hell can it cost that kind of money when the society provides nothing.

    They pay no taxes on the buildings, all the work is done by volunteers, no food, the only thing is water at drinking fountains, toilets being flushed, toilet paper and electricity.

    Thieves, that's what they are.

  • eyeuse2badub

    We had our "one day" yesterday in Madera, CA. The assembly hall is at least 35 years old. During the 'financial report announcement', we were informed that our "expenses" to use the assemble hall, (that has been paid for at least 20 times over), were $10,900. The attendance was 1,202 so $9.00 per person. The brother that made the financial announcement came to the speakers stand with bright red file folder in his hand. He 'jokingly' let us know that, yes, were are in the red so far as we had a $3,500 dollar deficit. Everyone snickered, but we were also $3,500 short last assembly also. lol!

    Oh yea, it was announce twice that there are now 4, conveniently located, ATM's inside the assembly hall for those who want to "voluntarily" donate by debit or credit cards.

    8 were baptized, 6 were teenage or less (born in jw kids), 2 adults. .6%

    WOW, what a fine day of 'spiritual' feasting!

    just saying!


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    the only thing is water at drinking fountains, toilets being flushed, toilet paper and electricity.

    what--??? --toilet paper !!! that stops this instant. bring your own bog roll you tight fisted dub gits.

    come to think of it--from now on there will be coin slots on the latrine doors. why should the WTS pay for you to flush your turds away.

  • suavojr
    The per capita for our last one day assembly was $10.00 per publisher, the kicker is how they charge $5.50 per publisher for the maintanence of the building and $4.50 per publisher for KH building constructions. So they still charge for the KH constructions from the circuit and when the Jdubs go back to their KH, they get charged again a montly fee designated for construction. What a way to rip people

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