One day assemblies

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  • sporece

    Romeoville assembly in Chicago built around 1988-1990. Worked on it for two years

    Paid for in a few years by the brothers.

    They have made millions on that one in the last 25 years.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Circuit assembly Observations from the “Imitate Jehovah”

    Spent Sunday with my wife at the circuit assembly in Madera, CA. OMG—boring!

    4 part Symposium in the morning that paraded out one boring ‘company man’ after another. Each one started with an overly simplistic illustration on why we need to be like jehober.

    One of the 4 symposium talks did catch my attention. It was entitled “using resources wisely”. Of course it was designed to get the sheeple to donate more money to jehober. We was encouraged (guilted): don’t wait till the end of the month to see if we have any leftover available funds to donate, donate early, at the beginning of the month.

    I was amazed and amused that the baptism talk included interviews conducted with several fairly new baptized ones. Standard experiences on how imitating jehober helped them to maintain their dedication.

    The public talk was: ”How does God feel about religion?” The CO started out by referring us to James 1:27 indicating that there is religion that is clean and undefiled from Gods viewpoint. The scripture states that ‘true religion’ is one that cares for widows and orphans in their tribulation. His point in reading that particular scripture was that there is such a thing as ‘true religion’ according to the bible. He then went on to give 7 identifying marks of the ‘true religion’. Interestingly he never again mentioned James 1:27 as one of the 7 identifying marks!

    I asked my wife on the way home what provisions the wtbts has to help ‘widows and orphans’ especially since it’s specifically stated in the bible. She had to think for a few minutes ( I knew this question was bothering her alot) and then answered that the organization helps them ‘spiritually’ and that “evidentially” that’s what that scripture means. I said “okay, you’re probably right” and I left it at that.

    Just saying!


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