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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    This may have been discussed before. The costs for using the assembly hall for a one day last Saturday was $12,000 with another assembly for the other half of the circuit on Sunday, which will ring up another $12,000. If the assembly was for two days the friends might roll their eyes if it were announced the costs for the two days was $24,000. The $12,000 seems to be at the outer limits where not too many of the friends will rebel with their wallets.

    I assume that the one day assemblies is just to make more money. I would love to see the breakdown of the costs. Of course we will never get that.

  • Simon

    I would imagine that a one day assembly is the most expensive per-day with cost being less for consecutive days e.g. transport of equipment / setup is a one off cost no matter how many days so the per-day cost should be lower if there are more days.

    I wonder what cost would have to be to make people not contribute anything vs contributing more to cover it?

    $20k per day? $50k per day?

    So many of the costs are really their own charges - they can make them whatever they want. I suspect they have a figure that works well to making people cough up funds - on the high side to encourage generosity but not too high to make people question and walk away.

  • tim3l0rd
    The recent one day that I went to supposedly cost $22,000.00!
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The recent one day that I went to supposedly cost $22,000.00! - Sounds great, tim3l0rd.

    And for that, everyone got comfortable leather seats, champagne and lobster for lunch ...

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS/JWS is comprised of bullshit, even when it comes to expenses, the underlining intent is to incite people to give more.

    This religious organization was built up on lies and deceptions, even when it comes to financial matters.

  • sloppyjoe2

    You have to know how assembly costs work. There are fees shared by the entire circuit such as flights for speakers, upkeep of the buildings and renovations, televisions or projector screen bought and so forth. Those are tallied up AND THEN the assembly overseer notifies the accounts department of what the cost per publisher the branch has set for the assembly. This either comes by letter or through the circuit overseer. So let's say that the ACTUAL expenses of the assembly for a day are 5000 dollars. The branch then adds a cost of $7.50 per publisher. The his cost per publisher is different based on the location. There are 900 publishers assigned to that particular assembly. 900 x 7.50 = 6,750. Add the actual expenses of 5000 to 6750 and the total expenses become 11,750. THAT is how circuit assembly expenses are factored. Now what jay dubs haven't seemed to figure out yet is that even though two day assemblies are no more, the one day they are there the expenses have remained the same. Even my dad mentioned that they should have gone down, but yet he keeps on donating.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim
    It is understandable that one day assemblies are a cash grab. You get more people coming in a 2-3 day stretch. You get as many people as possible putting money in the boxes.
  • freddo

    It's a friggin' joke isn't it?

    Twenty years ago - let's build an assembly hall so we can have a dedicated place of worship and not have to use worldly facilities and it will be cheaper too!

    Donate/free labour/more donations/more free labour/more, more, more ... TaDaa! A lovely new assembly hall.

    Early years it's run by a local assembly hall committee with a caretaker and local teams chipping in, we all get a low per capita of £3.50 which builds a nice pot locally of half a million quid. Everyone is happy with "our" assembly hall.

    About ten years ago the per capita goes up a bit - fair enough and the replacement hall/refurbishment pot is up to £750,000.

    Then the scam artists at the branch get their greedy paws involved - per capita is £6.50 then £10.50 (one day less but more sucked into use it). And then the Assembly hall committee is disbanded and most of the rebuild/refurb pot (now approaching 900K) gets "requested" by the branch.

    No sooner do they have the dosh then they start laying off bethelites and special pioneers.

    Did any of that assembly hall pot go to reducing circuit assembly costs? Will it go to older bethelite being booted to the curb? Not a chance.

    Annanias and Sapphira have nothing on this bunch!

  • ThinkerBelle
    What I thought odd is that they first announced the surplus in the "circuit account" (about $15,000) and then go on to talk about the cost of the one day - ours was over $13,000 yesterday in an assembly hall building we built so no need to move equipment or rent - then they announce the incoming donations so far and give the deficit, which was like $2,500, never taking into account the surplus.
  • apocalypse

    This is how costs are worked out.

    The attendance is taken in the morning and tallied. The number is presented to the circuit overlord. At the noon break there is a meeting for all the elders. The elders are told to 'show a hand' on the matter to add the air of legitimacy.

    The formula is quite simple. In Canada the dollar value attributed to each head is $12.00 which is multiplied times the attendance. Then is added an amount for the comfort expenses of the bro sent from the branch, a suite at a nice hotel, meals and dry cleaning.

    Possible to have an outlayer expense on top.

    Example. 800 x $12 + $300 = $9900

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