How Many JWs Really Believe Everything They Are Told?

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  • minimus

    I think that 80% of JWs do not truly believe in what they are taught . The vast majority stay in because of family, friends, ignorance and a lack of caring about any of the facts regarding the "truth".

    Many people are lazy. They stay in because they take the course of least resistance. Pity.

    Do you think there are any true believers that accept 100% of the religion?

  • Ding

    Great question.

    I think it's hard for any JW to accept things 100%, given how often the GB changes things under the guise of "new light."

  • talesin

    I concur. Da Nile is much more than a river in Egypt. Very few JWS are 'true believers', and many are operating on auto pilot. Of course, that is true of our whole culture.

  • NewYork44M
    Believe implies that they understand. You are right the ones that remain are too lazy to do the thinking to justify what they believe. Those that exert the energy to understand what they believe are long gone and spend their time on this board.
  • Alive!

    No - they go along with it all - and wait on Jehovah.

    A close friend of mine would argue that the org is the closest thing to how Jehovah wants to be served - I can see her point as it was once mine.

    But then when I realised that to 'protect' the 'truth' I was being taught to lie, deceive, use tricky arguments and be less than transparent - well my heart just about died having to face THAT 'truth'.

    When I first converted, years ago - it kind of puzzled me, that people holding such a momentous truth spent so much time building businesses, homes, families etc ( ie Armageddon would start before the generation of 1914 passed away - meaning it would all be over by 2000 at the latest, surely?) I didn't want to 'judge' anyone - but the inconsistency of the apparent urgency of the message with the average behaviour of the JW was downright odd.

  • Diogenesister

    Agreed. Those that find it important to thoroughly understand their beliefs (after all, to convince others you must be clear on all issues yourself)have loooonnng gone.

    The rest are trapped, lazy, too old or...and here's one I think applies to many...too scared to know or think about what may be the real truth.

  • careful
    I don't know about 80%. That means only 20% do believe and I recall that more than 20% really WANT to believe that every utterance coming from the F&DS's mouth was from Jehovah himself. I think there are more than 20% among the many spinsters and widows, more than 20% among the pioneers, and certainly far more than 20% among the elders. I can recall countless times I saw bumbling elders not understanding how to govern locally, going to the CO or Service Department for advice, not understanding the reasons for the advice and so saying, "Well, I don't understand what's going on, but I know Jehovah deals with me thru his organization. I'll do whatever they say." Hmmm...

    How Many JWs Really Believe Everything They Are Told?

    How many JWs "CARE" about anything they are told by the WBT$?..

    Regardless of how Stupid it is??!!..

    Not Many..


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  • gma-tired2

    i have a sister-in-law that believes 100%. How do we know this she speaks constantly about obeying Elders no matter what. When asked if she would drink poisoned kool-aid her answere of course she has to obey the Elders. Scarry so scarry.

  • GrreatTeacher

    My mother is a true believer, desperately so. She resolves cognitive dissonance by burrowing ever deeper into the organization. She loooves all the new changes, seeing the technology focus as proof that it is a forward thinking organization. She believes every pronouncement they utter.

    She and my dad are recently retired and now have the time on their hands to become ever more devoted and busy with"theocratic activities." I have no hope that she will ever wake up.

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