How Many JWs Really Believe Everything They Are Told?

by minimus 42 Replies latest jw friends

  • Phizzy

    In my often mentioned 58 years in the cult, I only met one person who I was sure believed it all 100%, well almost.

    It is my sister, she is still in, and will support the cult till she dies, except , even in her case, there is one thing, she told me the other day that she will never "do Shunning".

    That's good, as I run the risk of being DF'd all the time. LOL

    Every other person that I spoke to in those years expressed at least some small doubt, or disagreement.

  • ttdtt

    The real question is "how may JWs even know what they believe?" What % could list the current beliefs?

    Now instead of looking at some lame book, they would have to scrub through dozens of videos on JW tela-evangilist network.

  • blondie
    I think it that ttdtt, most jws don't know what they believe and don't want makes it hard when things change and they don't get it or can't. If they ever really change 1914....

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