How Many JWs Really Believe Everything They Are Told?

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  • Vidiot

    hoser - "I think the elite in the org don't believe 100%. How can you be a multimillioniare building houses and businesses, on vacation for a quarter of the year and serve as an elder going on the stage telling the sheeples to simplify their life."

    I'm sure you're right about mid-level guys, but everything I've seen suggests to me that the Governing Body knows it's wrong, but believes it's "true"... at the same time.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Interesting OP.

    I would say that although there must be very few JWs who believe 100% of what the WT teaches, I'd say that quite a large proportion, c. 60% believe that they have 'the truth', and that any doubts can be left up to Jehovah.

    I'd say the rest (40%) either believe some of it but not all of it or flat out think it's complete crap.

    I remember having a discussion about obeying the GB with a youngish, university-educated JW and his wife. His wife was saying: "but why do we have to obey the GB - I don't get it. Supposing if they're wrong" and he basically replied, using the stock answer: "the GB are the faithful slave prophesied in scripture, God is using them and He will sort out any problems!" There must be many JWs who largely agree with the WT, believe they have 'the truth' and are willing to put any doubts they have onto the back burner.

  • Simon Templar
    Simon Templar

    In my Congo there are many elderly, and many late-middle aged ones. We have people in the truth since 1940s and 1950s in our Congo. Almost all of them don't believe much of what is "the truth" anymore, or pick and chose selected parts of what they will go along with. That's what they tell me at any rate.

    One common thread between all of them is that they have been in the truth so long, they can't get out. It is too emotionally engrained in them, they can't let go. So they are actually "out", in their inner mind, but can't escape physically. There are too many "tentacles" that tie them to the religion. Their kids are gone in many cases but they are still "in". They say and do whatever they want because they are too old to really care anymore. They have been "in" so long they don't even know how to do anything wrong and be thrown out, so that's not a danger to them anymore. They are getting vocal about things. The Watchtower study has had a few "unorthodox" comments from them recently. The Elders are getting nervous calling on some of them. They are all mad about doing what they were told throughout their life and now at age 70-80 years old not having the money or normal amount of wealth (as their peers have) to live. They feel that they have been lied to. My Wife feels the same way, but I have taken care of the money end, so we don't worry about that as the others do. The WTB&TS created this situation and they will have to come up with the solution or it will boil over really soon.

  • Vidiot

    @ SimonTemplar...

    The WTS's "solution" is listen, obey, and be blessed.

    Wanna hazard a guess as to how well that's gonna work?

  • Alive!

    As a convert, am thinking back over the phrases I'd hear for the first time from born in JWs - and here I can read them, trotted out from different parts of the globe.

    I studied with smart and intelligent people, witty, well dressed, great conversationalists ( well, in a JW sense) - they quickly introduced us to many very attractive born-ins.

    We were invited away for weekends, we had fun, our new friends were foodies, lovers of good wine - and we talked for hours about 'spiritual things'.

    I can't tell you how extraordinary those early years were - and the occasional intuitive inner squirms were 'put on a shelf' for the sake of love, which covers a multitude of sins.

    It took a couple of years to uncover the mess underneath - but, we put that down to 'imperfect men' - and fair enough.

    After some years, I became acutely aware of how shallow life is in JW land - I'm not pointing a finger, as in I'm so good and they were so NOT - it actually was a time of self reckoning. And then, my mind would no longer let me overlook serious doctrinal flaws. The society's obsession with real estate, renovations (costly renovations, not just a clean up and basic maintenance) - much of it was pure vanity -really! it all was out of synch with the 'urgency' of our times.

    Looking back, I see how unhealthy it was.

    It can feel like the best place on earth - the org - the congregations - as long as you close your eyes to lies, overlook injustice and wear your best smile....pretend that the 'truth' doesn't have to act like the 'truth' and you'll not only survive, you'll thrive.

  • flipper

    I feel that as some mentioned many of the old timers who have invested 30 + years or more in the Witnesses DO really believe everything they are told due to the long term mind control indoctrination of the WT Society. Anybody over 50 years old for the most part who is still in and born and raised in the JW cult still believe in it I think. I just got done talking with a 58 year old JW woman I knew from years ago - an elders wife- and she STILL thinks the WT Society is making cutbacks NOT because of financial hardships , but because the GB really cares about the " friends " and doesn't want to overburden the congregations financially. Many of these long time JW's don't have a clue that they are being duped. They still really believe the end is " close ".

    That being said- The younger JW's who aren't as indoctrinated don't believe it or buy into it. It depends how fanatic of a JW family they come from. After all is said and done I would think that at least 50 % or more still believe in the drivel that creeps down into their brains- but mainly the older long time JW's

  • StarTrekAngel
    As Vidiot said it, Obey. Obey the orders. Wether you believe in 1914 or not, it does not matter. The doctrines are many and diversified with multiple faceted opinions. This assures that you have at least something you believe to be a unique truth, such that would keep you attached to the religion and ready to obey direction. Obedience to the GB is the ultimate goal, regardless of the foundation. Wether you obey because you believe in1914 but not in the overlapping generation or obedience because you don't believe in 1914 but think no other religion follow the mandate to preach. As long as you have a reason to be attached, you will obey. See that latest leaked letter. What was one of the questions the elders needed to answer? Was it not wether the candidate was "humble and readily follows counsel"?
  • Vidiot

    Alive! - "...pretend that the 'truth' doesn't have to act like the 'truth' and you'll not only survive, you'll thrive."

    A few people are able to do that.

    The rest of us aren't assholes, though.

  • truthlover123


    I know a few "laid off" from the society and they don't think its cruel.. they BELIEVE it is for the greater good -- the end is near - they have been told they are needed in the field and do all they can towards that end.

    They are leaving in increments.. the newer first, middle - next then the oldies last from a span of 1 month to 3 months - without anything, without money, without jobs to the congregation for support if they don't have family.. No kids to help... those in their late 50's or 60's may not have parents to help them..... they need work, a job, furniture.....

    They are as brainwashed as I would say 65% are today....

  • sparky1

    "I think the elite in the org don't believe 100%" - Hoser YA THINK!

    This is a 'compound' owned by a 3rd generation Elder. Both he and his wife work.

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