Discontinue unproductive bible study - jw broadcasting

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  • Gayle

    2018 Average Bible Studies Each Month: 10,079,709. Only less than 3% on average graduated to baptism (281,744) Extremely poor production and any real school/schooling would shutter at such a record of graduates.

    Yes, it's mostly only JW kids already that are even boosting this record at all and many JW kids are putting baptism off as long as possible or at all.

    The GB leadership seem to acknowledge these 'empty' hours and 'empty' Bible Study (b***s***) reports.

    It seems to me this 're-visited' restriction to discontinuing those long-term Bible Studies is a form of an organizational 'whipping' to many and especially pioneers.

  • waton
    The GB leadership seem to acknowledge these 'empty' hours and 'empty' Bible Study (b***s***) reports. G.

    so. with what does the GB intent to fill these unproductive hours?

    more H2H with open i-pad, clicking to the website? hours really empty of intellectual content? watchtower cart watch?

  • zeb

    this ending studies was taught in the 70's as well.

  • jonahstourguide

    That's correct zeb....... six month bullshit study then sack em if they didn't commit to baptism.


  • awake!watcher

    This is a very weird, disturbing, self righteous way to be a "footstep follower of Christ".

  • Gorbatchov

    The video shows two persons that are in a background role. The study and witness number 2. They have a head profile with a round head and thick lips.

    The leading witness has a small head with high front.

    It's subtile but the role's are clear.


  • Phoebe

    I think they want to get people in asap before they have a chance to ask too many questions or do research, which is so easy to do these days.

    In the old days, we took people through the Truth book, if they weren't coming to meetings within 6 months or by the end of the book, we dropped them. People were coming in so fast and I remember the brothers saying they were coming in too fast and not shedding their world habits which was creating a lot of problems for the elders!

    In the congregation I have now left, there is a sister there who studied for 15 years before she took it seriously and got baptised. My dad studied with people for years, as well. They often came in - eventually. My dad said we can't hurry people...this is a big decision. He got that right!

    End of the day, they want them in because they need the money and perhaps they are worried about the effect apostates are now having.

  • ShirleyW

    You mean to tell me people are actually studying with the Dubs now? I would think since the internet is such a big thing now and everybody looks things up, I would think there would be no new people studying with them at all. Instead of bringing back that six month thing I'd think they would be coming up with slick, new ways to get people interested. How to pump up the love bombing at the carts or something.

  • john.prestor

    ShirleyW, I'm with you, they should be innovating, should be trying to come up with new ways to attract people, yeah they gave themselves a face lift with their website and the carts and music videos on JW Broadcasting and interviews during Gilead graduation but... it's the same old iron hand under a sleek new velvet glove.

    The Governing Body simply cannot innovate when it comes to the most important features of their faith because in many circumstances (getting rid of disfellowshipping, permitting blood transfusions, encouraging or just tolerating higher education at the congregational level) that means sacrificing or diminishing their power, they teach that they hold the keys to paradise, to everlasting life (I typed lie, hahaha, Freud was right) and they actually hold life and death power over many Witnesses, who let themselves die because they think taking a blood transfusion damns them to a violent death at Armageddon or they'll never see their dead loved ones again. So that won't do, we know these people love power, it's written all over their faces, it's dripping from their words, I think of Tony Morris's Don't say we're dogmatic remarks, and then he tells another audience not to go on websites that criticize him and his buddies. It's just... astonishing. They claim they're not infallible or inspired and yet they toss people out onto the street "like a piece of trash," in Flodin's terms, after years of "faithful service" just because they start to doubt the leadership. The Governing Body might as well snort power off their boardroom table like bankers snort powder from hundred dollar bills.

    When it comes to less important features of the faith they could change without endangering their power very much (I dunno, youth groups, congregations getting together outside the hall), remember that Knorr chose the original Governing Body because they went with what he said and did and didn't challenge him. That Governing Body chose their successors for pretty much the same reason, it takes years to climb the hierarchy (I heard a Bethel speaker at one convention call it the "theocratic ladder") and you gotta toe the line and preach the company line to pull yourself up rung by rung over literal decades from (typically) the congregation to the circuit work to a Branch to Warwick. Even when you get into that boardroom in the lofty heights of headquarters, or that idyllic gazebo by the lake, it's hard to think innovatively when you repressed your own individual thoughts, not to mention individuality, in order to get there from adolescence if not childhood to adulthood through middle-age.

    Here's what it comes down to: the Governing Body could choose to save their sinking ship. Instead, they're still whipping the slaves down in the galley with their threats and guilt-tripping and shouting, Keep rowing, we're almost there. But the truth is they're just as far from the gleaming shores of paradise as they were when the Bible students first sailed off with Russell all those years ago.

  • careful

    Does anybody else find the black-profile-only characters in this vid strange? To me it looks ... creepy ... and cheap.

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