Discontinue unproductive bible study - jw broadcasting

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  • WingCommander

    How about another perspective?

    Maybe it's not so much about wasting the JW's time, as much as it is the fear the potential recruit (AKA: Study) will actually be SMART, and decide to fact-cheque and research what the JW's are telling them, OUTSIDE of JW-approved sources?

    We're hearing more and more about this on the forums: JW's, even "Lifers" that have been woken up because their Study decided to look outside of the JW-approved liter-a-trash and go onto Google. Then, the appalled Study shares the info with the JW and demands some answers. Well, the JW of course has to research this matter for themselves in order to clear it up. Imagine the JW's surprise when shit don't add up!! Sometimes, the "awoken" JW then goes and starts telling close JW friends, more liberal Elder types, etc.

    I see this as a control tactic by the Governing Body to keep JW's moving. The more time the JW spends answering a thinking-person's questions, the more likely they are to fall upon the multitude of free information on Google.

    Remember, pretty much everything the WT HQ puts out now is not pro-active, but RE-active. As-in, they are reacting to what they are being told by the CO's reporting back to HQ from the field.

  • sir82

    I think they’re deluding themselves.

    Well, kind of.

    I suspect the video is a form of propaganda, serving 2 purposes:

    1) Pretending that there are so many millions of people that are just begging for studies, therefore...we have the truth! We have so many studies we just dump the ones that don't "progress"! People just can't wait to join us! Jah is speeding up the work! Hurrah, hurrah!

    2) What's that? You, the viewer, don't have a Bible study? You worm - do more! More! MORE! If you don't have a Bible study, when there are so many that people have to drop some, then YOU are failing! Get out there and get a couple dozen Bible studies so you too can have the luxury of dropping some!

  • dubstepped

    This is just psychological manipulation. You like this thing (the study) but if you don't do the thing we want you to do (get in deeper) then we'll take the thing you like away. It's petty bullshit meant to apply pressure to the student. You can see it coming when they start shaming him for not being fine soil. They're setting him up to either shit or get off the pot and making him feel like bad soil. Shame is their motivator.

  • nowwhat?

    I agree with wing commander anyone with some bible knowledge and the capacity to think for themselves can easily refute their teachings

  • mikeflood

    Wait until the uber zealous hear of this....they're gonna do exactly the same, Bible studies are going to plummet!....because that means Armageddon is starting any moment now! Imagine all those guilty trips. You could make a movie about that.

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    @WingCommander, i had the same first thought. The former way of conducting a Bible study probably being changed because the JW is being exposed to the dreaded worldly internet news-reading public. Seems like a real possibility that knowledge of ARC and award-winning lawsuits is becoming more widespread among members if they have too many intelligent conversations.

  • Betheliesalot

    Also I think that some studies are just nice and polite people who do not want to be blunt and tell the witness that they think they are off center and wish there was some way to get out of this routine politely. I will bet that once the student is told they are not coming back every week, inside they are secretly screaming, "yes!" Just like when you get out of a contract that you never liked anyway.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Not many jw's will follow this bs video's advice. "Counting time" is much more important to most jw's than following instructions!

  • Giordano

    You bet counting time is important to a JW. So is conducting a bible study. Bible studies aren't the low hanging fruit....... it takes time and energy. This was your bible study not the Society's. If they want to call your Bible Study......BS after your hard work I'd resent the hell out of that.

    So here's what I recommend.......... you know those door's you pretended to knock on or press the bell... but didn't? Those return visits when you knew the homeowner was not going to be home? Those were phantom people that you didn't really talk to but you counted the time spent not talking to them.

    I think it's fair to count time with a 'phantom' bible study!

  • blondie

    The six-month rule prior to 1975 did create a feeling of some urgency. Also, many older jws had studies that had lasted for 6 or more years and the students had never been to a meeting (except the Memorial). Or maybe they want these jws to pressure their students more to come to the KH. I remember the COBOE giving a talk at the mid-week meeting that after looking at the current studies, that more than half were family studies. I knew many jws that had never conducted a bible study and did not want to, turning all "interest" over to the pioneers. Some never made return visits because it might interfere with their personal time.

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