Discontinue unproductive bible study - jw broadcasting

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  • oppostate

    People who just study and make no progress are a dead weight to the b0rg.

    Publishers love to count hours visiting with a non-productive study because it racks up easy service hours and it is a gift that keeps on giving on the monthly service reports.

    The b0rg hates it because those studies are not going to add to the publisher ranks of donation contributors.

  • john.prestor

    I saw this video the other day and I wondered about it too. I think it's just a technique they're teaching Jehovah's Witnesses who have Bible studies, they want them to pressure their 'students' to convert, they need converts these days and they need money, and if somebody won't join up (that's explicit) and cough up the money (that's implicit in membership, you donate once you get baptized, you volunteer your labor, you feed COs) well, to hell with them... politely. That's what I take away from this video.

  • Betheliesalot

    I remember when I use to study, the elder would come over in the evening and if there was a ball game on, I would have it on and start with an adult beverage and walla, there goes the study down the drain. He would try to bring up a bible point , maybe how exercising is beneficial for a little, but that was it, till it was time for him to go. I bet he counted all that time too.

  • sir82

    I bet he counted all that time too.

    Are you kidding?

    You were counted as a return visit, a study, and he counted the entire time he was at your place. He probably even counted the time driving to & from there.

    Your easy study allowed him to goof off several Saturdays a month and still maintain his crucial 10-hours-a-month average, not to mention the prestige of being able to fill in something other than "0" for the Bible study column on his monthly report.

    A "Bible study" where you drink beer and watch sports? Man, literally 95% of the elders I know would be all over that.

  • newsheep

    Does that mean you discontinue your studies with your children? What about those fifteen minute studies? What about those doorstep studies? Just maybe they have too many "studies" on their hands and want to keep all their wannabe studies and get rid of their potential studies.

  • jookbeard

    how about the futility of continuing RV's when every single time you asked the HH if they enjoyed the last editions of the WT and Asleep rag only for them to say "NO" but we returned to give them the newest rags thus repeating the same pointless scenario month after month,year after year,I bet it still goes on


    ''Tony, Jehovah wants people to come to an accurate knowledge of truth, like it says in 1Timothy 2:4.''

    '' ActuallyTony, the Governing Body wants you to study a book that is half-assed Bible beliefs, doctrines, and practices. Then you will need to answer all the questions in the book ....correctly, put in field service hours, attend 4 meetings per week, get baptized ( we never tell you we can disfellowship you for any silly rule we have), and shun close family members. We have noticed you're smarter than we thought. So, we will try another time when your life is in shambles and we can put more fear into your life.''

  • pepperheart

    Even from the start people who have contact with the watchtower must start to learn to do as they are told by the watchtower

  • ToesUp

    Actually, this shows how cold and heartless the WT and their little minions can be. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK WT!!!

  • waton

    Only people with desperate need for companionship, even at the price of enduring wt indoctrination, will respond to the threat of deprivation, will fall in line and wt goose step. result: more problem cases added to the congregation roster.

    " I have come to look for the lame and blind" fullilled

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