What immodest clothing have you got in trouble for wearing?

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    I am sure your little boots were cute but this just highlights how rigid and insane the JW religion is.

    What is immodest for women in the Jehovah’s Witness religion can vary depending on what area you live in, who is wearing it and whether or not they are attractive to start with. At least this was my observation. Also, something that is TOO stylish can be considered immodest by JWs even if it isn’t showing any skin.

    I was counseled a few times over the years. The first time was over a moderate front slit in a below the knee skirt. I was new in the “Truth” 🙄. Here I was feeling good about myself and got sternly counseled. Apparently, I was the talk of the circuit assembly and was told ‘a brother was looking at my legs’. Shame shame!

    This, coupled with my full time job which I refused to quit, made me a pariah in the kingdom hall.

    One other incident years later was when I was at home and received a shepherding call and was wearing a short summer skirt (I was at home!!!) I told the brother my skirt was longer than some women’s shorts!

    There are other things as well: issues about denim (which they hate). I remember when they got a younger brother to give a talk addressing all the sisters about cleavage seen from the podium, etc. It’s my opinion this talk was instigated by somebody’s dumpy wife who was jealous of other women in the hall. Attractive and stylish women of all ages were always criticized.

    Don’t miss any of it!

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    A little off-topic, but I remember this one elder was wearing a green shamrock lapel pendant while giving a Sunday talk.

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    Doctor Who

    Hmmm.....I got a long ass list!

    Once was told that I shouldn't be late to the Tuesday night study because of my job. So the following week, I wore a nice shirt, tie, and dockers to work so I could go straight to the meeting. I was counseled for wearing dirty shoes, and not having a jacket.

    Went out in service on a very cold snowy day and was counseled for wearing a leather jacket.

    I have rather large feet. VERY LARGE FEET. Was once counseled because my shoes weren't dressy enough.

    I had red highlights in my glasses. Was counseled it could be considered "gay." By this time in my life I had enough. I asked the Elder, "...and you know what gay looks like because?"

    My hands used to get very dirty from the manual job I used to do. An Elder once told me I shouldn't come to the meetings if my hands had paint in the fingernails.

    Had a tie that had birds in it. Told they could mistaken as 'doves' and shouldn't wear it again.

    Told my jacket was to 'flashy' because it had 'metallic' threads in it. Mind you, a MS had the same jacket and I informed the Elder that. He said it was ok for him because, and I quote, "He's black!"

    I could go on, but my blood pressure is rising...

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    It's funny how specific it seems to be to region and culture

    Some of the things on this thread, (e.g. a lady's knees being visible when she sits down) would not even raise an eyebrow in a Hispanic congregation.

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