Who is The Lord?

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    JW Answers

    Okay, take care.


    Of course, the Father is Lord, but also Jesus is Lord. The scriptures are quite clear and explicit in stating that the Father is God, Jesus is God and the Holy Ghost is God.

    The Hebrew scriptures always emphasize the 'oneness' of God. I always thought "How can Jesus and the Holy Spirit be God if God is one?"

    The answer is in the Old Testament. In Hebrew there are 2 words for 'one' There is the singular 'one' like we use in English, but in Hebrew there is a plural 'one' that indicates the combining of more than one thing but is also described as 'one'

    Yachid and Echad are the words in Hebrew and God is always described in the plural 'one' in Hebrew. Never in the singular.

    God with us, in the flesh, just like the Hebrew scriptures prophesied.

    Of course, it is impossible to have an accurate analogy to describe God as there is nothing like God. We, as human beings cannot really comprehend even the existence of a being that has no beginning or an end. So no analogy really works, but I think of the Godhead much like 'time'. Time has a PAST, a PRESENT and a FUTURE, All of these moments are 100% time, yet they are not the same, yet they all agree and have a place in relation to each other.

    Just MHO

    The Truth Will Set You Free

  • cofty
    I think of the Godhead much like 'time'. Time has a PAST, a PRESENT and a FUTURE

    That is a heresy called Modalism.

    Nobody has ever described the trinity in their own words without self-contradiction. It isn't 'deep' or 'spiritual' it's just a bit of sophistry for people who worship Jesus but want to hang on to monotheism.

  • slimboyfat

    If Jesus is the same Lord as God, then how come Jesus as Lord is distinguished from Yahweh in Acts 2:34?

    The New Testament teaches that Jesus is Lord/Master because he is the Messiah who God raised from the dead.

    Whereas God is called Lord/Yahweh because that is his unique name.


    Well, first off, I go to the source for interpreting the scriptures. Like it [or not] the New testament is a Catholic book. They put it together, they protected it through the centuries, they used it in their liturgy and told YOU that it is the word of God. They did all of that and they know what it means more than any JW, Baptist, Unitarian, Mormon Calvinist or any other Johnny come lately Christian that thought they knew better.

    Sorry, but that's the truth guys....

  • cofty

    TTWSYF - Submission to old men telling you what is 'the truth' is how cults thrive.

    When will you learn?

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    There is only one Lord and that is Vader. May the force be with you.

  • Acluetofindtheuser

    Then who was the dude talking to Abraham about Sodom and Gomorrah's fate?

    This being, in human form was identified as YHWH in Genesis. Then later it was said that no man could see God and yet live. I assume YHWH is most likely the Father so how did Abraham see him and not die?

    Trinitarians, please explain who this special character was that talked to Abraham in the flesh and ate dinner.


    Cofty, I don't know when I'll learn... to ignore your ignorance..lol!!!

    Where did you learn about the heresy of Modalism? HMM?

    Oh, right, the Catholic church defined that as a heresy just like they did against most all JW beliefs many centuries ago.

    You should re read what you think you know about Modalism. That is the erroneous belief that God takes different forms at different times. IE-He is the Father today, he is the Holy Ghost tonight, He is Jesus in the morning. That's Modalism. My analogy of time is not Modalism. RIght now there is a past, a present and a future. Not replacing one with another, they are all happening right now.

    Of course,, I acknowledge that there is no analogy that can describe God, so why don't you just answer the question of the topic post.

    Does the bible say that Jesus is Lord?

    Let me know what word you don't understand and I'll try to clarify...hahaha, what a bully you are buddy!

  • snare&racket

    Explaining how three gods can be one..... it will end one of two ways.

    1. A silly analogy.... "Water can be a liquid, gas or a solid and god can be god, man and spirit." The resson an analogy is reauired, not becaue the listener is intellectually challenged and requires help, but the point being made is so illogical, irrational and unproven an analogy is required to distract away from the original issue. Instead of talking about how a god can be three figures, the converstaion goes to how water can be in three states .... it's irrelevant and deceitful, it's amateur 'slight of hand' at it's most unimpressive.

    2. State ... "As humans we don't have capacity to understand the trinity!" .... well STOP pretending you understand it then. STOP 'teaching' other people something that you don't and can't understand. STOP pretending you have any evidence, logic or rationale on your side.

    Let's not even get into how you can be sure that the bronze age writings from ancient sheep herders and mystics are reliable, wheras all other contemporary writings or modern day science is not.

    Have your faith, enjoy it, let it enrich your life.... maybe trying to preach to people largely attempting to leave a cult, is a little unsavoury however.

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