World Wide Construction comes to a Shuddering Halt - Jehovah's Blessing has Evidently been Suspended!

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  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    Lloyd Evans aka Cedars has posted on his Facebook this morning that he's had more detail leaked from bethel and things are as bad as many are speculating. He says he'll put the info up at jwsurvey as soon as he can.
  • Magnum

    Mickey mouse: things are as bad as many are speculating

    Can you provide a link to the facebook page? "Things are as bad" in what way - financially? Can you provide more detail or is that all that was said?

    edit: I just went to Lloyd Evans' facebook page and I don't see anything yet saying that "things are as bad as many are speculating." Will keep looking.

  • Vidiot

    Maybe he deleted the post in anticipation of a scoop, or (on the other end of the spectrum) his source turned out to be unreliable...

  • cultBgone

    Have the gb built themselves a retirement place in Grand Cayman yet? I can almost picture them fleeing the US to snuggle up next to all the funds they've socked away in that lovely off-shore banking paradise, and leaving the Borg in a shambles.

    Whoops, sorry, just daydreaming again. 😎

  • OrphanCrow

    I have spent the past couple days thinking...and speculating.

    This is my speculative conclusion (one of have overlapping theories),

    The WTS was court ordered to shut down extraneous building projects. The shutdown is too sweeping to be a headquarter planned move. It appears to be an anticipated move but not a voluntary one.

    As stupid as we would like to think that the "powers who be" are in the Tower, I don't think that it is as simple as "they ran out of money". I think it is quite possible that the WTS has been forced, through court action of some kind, to stop the outflow of money into wasteful building projects.

    I believe that time will tell, but it won't surprise me if this was a forced shutdown. A forced shutdown that the WTS knew was coming.

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury

    An externally forced shut down would be sweeping and complete i would have thought, including the dumbass new headquarters.

    I still think it's about money.

  • TheWonderofYou
    As I said yesterday, I think too a court action, but more of an under the hand secret info that never will be publicly announced, somebody said, it is time, to change the money-system, otherwise the investors or anonym sponsors of the Watchtower would not agree any more.
  • _Morpheus
    Forced... By who? For what reason? No one government can force a coporation to shut down world wide.
  • OrphanCrow
    Morpheus: Forced... By who? For what reason? No one government can force a coporation to shut down world wide.

    As I is speculation.

    By who? Probably by the IRS.

    "No one government"... maybe not. But, all it would take is for the government where the WTS has their world heaquarters. Even if they are located world-wide, the WTS still has a home base.

  • Gayle
    Could their 'property flipping' mania be investigated now? And a 'freeze' has been placed on WT. Wwhat religion does this to this degree?

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